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I - - 

?\\\\\\\ 'OU MERUIT FERAT 


I w 1 

I • ^ 

Welcome To Our World 

Shawnigan Yearbook 


Paul Rokeby -Thomas 

Jenny Rolston 

David Leary 
Elizabeth Leary 

Cover Design 

Earl Pheasey 

Jenny Rolston 
Computer Imaging 

Jason Dorland 

Morriss Printing 

We would like to thank all those who 

contributed photographs and copy. In 

particular, Mr. Detchon, Mr. Hatch, and 

the Photo Club. 

Shawnigan Lake School (Sho - ni - gen 
Lak Skool) n. 1. A mosaic of beliefs, 
cultures, traditions, and opinions. 2. An 
amazing learning experience for all involved, 
staff and students alike. 3. An institution 
driven towards helping their students find 
success in all areas of life. a beautiful and 
incredible world within the world. A way 
of life. . . 6. An unforgetable experience for 

Ray walks back from his leg of the race, while Colleen 
takes the baton from Jen. 


"Round the Lake" is the 
first School-wide event 
of the year. It is a way 
of cementing relations 
between all students in 
a House, both Junior 
and Senior. The event 
features a 22km race 
around Shawnigan 
Lake. Each student is re- 
sponsible for a section 
of the race which he or 
she will run for their 
House. The competition 
counts for House points 
in the competition for 
the Lonsdale's Cup and 
the Hyde-Lay Trophy. 
Duxbury won the boys' 
race and School/Ren- 
frew took girls' honours. 
The staff team tried hard 
but, in the main, they 
were just too old and 
feeble — despite having 
some Staff children to 
help them out! 

The staff prepares to take 
on the school. 

Jesse goes all out for 
Lake's baton. His feet 
must hurt! 

The gothic comes out in Graeme's war paint. 

-Erik De La Mare 


: Am 

1^" Y 


r 4| 

WgL. \f- 


- ,^ 



£#r/ doesn't 
know what to 
say when Mr. 
Wyatt asks 
him to dance 
before the 

waits to run 
her leg for 

A three - way 
smile from 
Megan, Cara 
and Allison 
from compet- 
ing Houses. 

A mix of pa- 
tient runners 
smile while 
waiting their 

Shane is very 
serious and 
Patty looks 
better than 
he usually 
does as Brad 
models his 
Prodige Box- 

Gabby and Devin ham it up for the camera, whereas Francis 
ignores the photographer. 

The trip was over way too soon" 

Brie and Jasmin enjoy the same interesting topic, while Marina 
seems interested only in her hot chocolate. 

" The Grade 8 Expedition was fun; 

and it gave me an opportunity to 
get to know everyone in my grade" 

" The food was 

Jay looks satisfied as he enjoys Mr. Stapffhugs Mrs. Stapffto 
the sunshine and the crowds. support the cancer run. 

Down on the Thompson River, the crew rafts with the current. 

" The best 

part, of 

course, was 


through the 

last rapid 

clinging to 

the side of 

the raff 9 

"We hit some 

huge waves 

and got real 


The Grade 10 's set their spirits free along with the wave. 



Clockwork orange: Ben, Marcus, 
Zac, and Graeme. 

Wow, nice pants! Megan and 
Laura dressed up for early morn- 
ing chapel. 

Ali and Tammy say Happy 

Spencer looks too casual to be in 
the picture with Mikaela, Mac- 
kenzie, and Mark. 

A mighty mouse, Jesse, and a 
Scotsman, Mr. Fun. 


U ^L>^ 


Ik. ^ 

4 % ' '^ 

1 %^ 



"We can't dance". Nathan and 
Enrique hang outside the 
Hallowe'en dance. 

Superb smiles from Meagan, 
Natalie, and Kathleen. 

Adrienne and Jessica sit and 
relax after a day of #1 's. 

Christina and Jill cheer up the 
art room. 

Tony gives us a smile as he hands 
out poppies. 

Rob lifts weights, 1 Down and 
10 to go. 

Geach takes a breather after a 
hard game. 


Enza shows her Shawnigan 
spirit up at the rugby fields. 

Cynthia practises for her 
modeling career. 

Mrs. Grass shows us the real way to travel around 
the campus. 

Shawnigan is friendly. More hugs and smiles from Mimi 
and Cay ley. 

Luke "Ozzy" Chapman experiences his first Canadian 
Remembrance Day. 


Hannah prepares Welsh cakes 
for the food fair. 

Chris and Dave display their 
Irish pride. 

Something off-camera has 
caught Pat s eye. 

The Scandinavian group offers 
a wide array of food. 



The flag-bearers leave the chapel after The South African group is proud of its efforts 

the opening ceremony. at the food fair. 

Joe and Heather hold the Guy Fawkes Beautiful Korean dress is worn by Sung Bong 

doll at the bonfire. and Jason at the food fair. 








fc# sa. ^ 

? <itiik #•• 

W EA. r» 


1 1 



Every three years, Shawnigan Lake 
School puts on the much-loved In- 
ternational Week. Students and Staff 
alike participate in the many activi- 
ties, as well as helping to organize 
them. The purpose of this week is to 
celebrate our many differences. 
There are diverse cultures, tradi- 
tions, and ideas in the mosaic of 
Shawnigan Lake School. Through- 
out the week these are shared, un- 
derstood, and enjoyed by each mem- 
ber of the Shawnigan community 
through workshops, chapel services, 
and internatioanl foods. This year we 
also had an inspirational speech by 
the Olympian gold medalist Daniel 
Igali. The entire week was greatly 
enjoyed and the memories will be 
cherished by all. 

— Jenny Rolston 

Mr Patel leads Mitali through the chapel. Ms Dolman takes in the delights of the 


The turban-tying group shows off their 
efforts. What talent! 


Peter prepares the pavlovafor the Australian group. The Korean group persuades the students to partake of their food. 

Mrs Martin looks dubious as she tries the sushi. 
Sara and Hannah serve up Welsh food at the food fair. 





We are now nearing the end of this 
unique experience. In each of our 
minds this means different things. 
Maybe university, travelling or 
work. With the rest of our lives 
ahead of us, the world is ours to 
explore. Good luck, on whichever 
path you choose to tread, to the 

Ken directs traffic into 
the Hallowe'en Dance. 

Richard, Dave and Mark 
are too cool for their 
own good. 

This is 

Graham amd 
Patrick's first 
time on a 
Grad casual 
page but 
Chris' sec- 

Lonsdale ' s 
and Groves' 
share Christ- 
mas dinner. 


The Dux crew 
is all set to 
run for the 

Lani, Lisa, Caroline and 
Rebecca take Victoria by 





The student body at Shawnigan has grown considerably since I was in Grade 8, not only in numbers, but 
also in quality and character. In that time, Duxbury House was built and this brought us to a total of nine 
Houses, five for boys and four for girls. I have never been to a school with such a mix of students. Many live 
halfway round the world but we also have day students who live within walking distance. School spirit and 
whole-hearted dedication separates our students from those of many other schools, and contrary to popular 
outside belief we are not tennis-jacket-swinging preppies who drink tea and tell lame jokes! We try to 
educate students academically, athletically and in the arts, providing a very diverse and well-rounded 
education system. Even more important, I believe, are the social skills that young people learn while 
attending Shawnigan. Many students, for example, who were very shy have opened up and publicly displayed 
incredible talents. When you are constantly around four hundred peers it is necessary to develop many 
social skills. Without the students there would be no Shawnigan Lake School and without the School many 
of the students would not be what they are today. To those who are continuing here, take advantage of what 
Shawnigan has to offer and work hard — you will achieve your goals. For those who are leaving, good 
luck. I am sure that Shawnigan has prepared you well. 

— David Howson, Head of School 



Seeing the 
fflMKM with 
new eyes 

James enjoys his pizza during the House outing. 

The thing(s) we 
found the most .. 









1. Rugby field trips 

2. Meeting new people 

1. Waking up at 6:45 am 

2. Never having your own space 

1. Getting to know everyone so 
much better now and looking 
back to when we started out 

2. House outings 

1. The shape the School is in for 
how old it is 

2. Sleep-ins 

1. Mr. Felix 

2. Grade 1 2' s at breakfast sign-in 

1. We have homework for RE. 

2. Two hours of prep 

1. Grade 12 fun raids 

2. Number One inspections 

1. Winning our first Rugby game 

2. Friendships 

1. Everyone always asks us the 
same questions over and over 

2. The amount of homework 

Ben chuckles after pushing B.J. 
into a tackle bag. 

Jasmin and Brianna have a 
happy Hallowe 'en. 

Missing: Megan Bruce 

Katherine Shelley 


Mia Bolton Justin Boser Sean Brenton 

Robert Burke Adriana Camargo B.J. Caron 

Alice Chang 





Mariah Charleson Devin Chen Sam De Witt Brieanna Decorby Taylor Drye Elizabeth Erickson Ben Felix 


Gregory Funk James Germann Marina Hollingbury Sara Jacobson Arman Kazemi Francis Klassen 

Alex Lin 

Ian Lin Maxime Liron Jasmin McCallum Logie McLagan Trey McLaughlin Jacqueline Midgett 

A^dLi* A*w 

^k*\ jL 

Patrick Mitchell Haruki Nakagawa Jason Park Sterling Reid Gabby Reuben James Roaf Fiona Schellenberg 

Paul Sutcliffe j u n e j mg Sebastian Von Stein Ken Wang Sung-Bong Woo Danielle Yole Bori Yoon 


The wmm 

is not 

THE MOST. . . 

Kathleen Ashmore Coral Bates Asha Bukojemsky Alistair Burke 















D'Arcx Donychuk Hannah Davies Daniel Denk Nathalie Down 

Jason Lee 

Jae Lim 

Chris Link Tyler Limn 

Alejandro Nieto Paddy O'Mahoney Kendal Philippson Julie Pickering 

Nicholas Swetlikoff Meagan Symington Jesse Tinker Broderick Wang 

Ambrose Wong 


Richard Wright 

Shelly Yen 

n r\ - L 

Cameron Burns Duncan Campbell Raymond Chae Ivan Chin Sian Chu Craig Combs Griff Couser 

Peter Marsden Jennie McQuhae Jackie Miner Stephan Moser Freddie Mullin Brock Nadeau Rainy Nafissah 

David Ram Marc Raven Stephen Rees Evan Ross Sean Scott Scott Simmons Florence Sun 

WHO HAS THE . . . 

Will Wheaton Tom Wills 

Shortest skirt: 6W /2*u 

Loudest voice: #eue < 7uJ i e* 

Baggiest pants: M<vudQ&uepy 

Nicest clothes: Ao^i^.w** 

Nicest eyes: 
Biggest Ego: 
Nicest Hair: 

4 M 
Colin Young 

Most overeactions: A««**buUue Wackiest Style: 


flulie PicJzeriiUj. 

Alejcut&io- hlieto- 
fylosience Sun 

Hanna has her lunch on the run. 

Shelly and Florence hide in the forest. 

Kathleen at Nitinat. 

Coral "hangs" with Kristen her Tom and Darcy listen carefully 
grade 11 friend to their instructed 


Megan seems excited about somthing. 

Alejandro gets ready to "deck" Chris. 


What in the 

1) (DIB [Li mill 
we become? 

Most Likely to... 



Become the next Eminem 


Have 5 wives 


Become the next S club 7 member 



Work at McDonald's 



Be on the Tom Green Show 



Marry their High School Sweety 



Stay at SLS forever 



Become a Pro-Athlete 



Marry each other 



Be on the Jerry Springer Show 



Chain themselves to a tree 



Become a Feminist 


Become a Pro-Bowler 



Become a Molson Indy girl 


Become a millionaire 



Spend all her husband's money 

Jess P 

Walk into a Parked Car 



Emily Allan Colby Althouse Molly Batumalai Cody Berg 

Sheridan Candelaria David Cape Alexander Caron Ray Carruthers 

Yvonne Chiang Frank Chong Kevin Chuang Linda Chung 

Bill Excell Daphne Fang Jason Feist Julian Fischer 

Scott Hannan Colleen Harrison Patrick Harrison Natalie Hill 

Kris Kittiampon Emily Kothe Jae- Young Kwon Tim Ladner 


U,W ±M 

Ben Bergen Alison Bernard Mathew Bolton Ben Boshears Justin Brown Warren Brown James Camp 

Steven Catte Andrea Chambers Vince Champ Johnathan Chan Arthur Chang 

Luke Chapman Tyron Chaytors 

▲ fc 


Guy Cilliers Mitchel Constantin Fiona Dairy mple Iain De La Mare Jay de Montmorency Howard Dietrich Matt Evans 

Liam Fox Akemi Gardiner Kyle Geach Dani Gottlieb Mariana Gunter Kajsa Gustavson Kristine Hagedorn 

Jennifer Horn Jamie Housser Patrick Hunter Daniel Jackman Jessica Jackson Graeme Johnston Zamain Keshwani 

Robert Lai Enza Laudisio Sergio Laudisio Anton Lecky Adrienne Macmillat\ Walker Main Julie Martindale 



Toler looks very elegant in 
his Number 1 uniform. 

Samantha, Patrick and Harris 
hang out together in the photo 


Philip Mauriks Whitney Mclnnis Cristina Mejia Angus Mitchell Geoffrey Moore Jeffery Morton Jessica Neat 


Tanya Neff Eoin O'Dwyer Jenna Pennington Sarah Peters Jessica Poupard Spencer Pride Harris Richer 


t^*"" ** w 




Lindsay Roberge Katie Rolston J. D. Roth Dominique Schellenberg John Sharma Tammy Shiah Kelvin Siu 

▲<fc Aftfc 

Jennifer Stewart Anna Stuart Eric Sun Toler Thompson Jeremy Thome Jason Tsai Erin Tweedie 

Kate Tweedie Josh White David Wilson Corrine Woo Samantha Wu 

Cole Wylie Wayne Yap 

Namu Yoon Liam Young 


Rt the top of 

our ID ©Gad. ID 

Topping the Chart - Our 

choices for fauourite.... 





Make of Car 


Movie Star 

Brad Pitt 

Canadian Sports Star 

Simon Whitfield 



TV Show 




Place to eat 


Fashion Accessory 



Fashion Accessory 

Tongue Ring 


Clothing Store 




Hair Style (Guys) 


Hair Style (Girls) 


Patty Allard David Allison Chris Aylwin Junior Ay otte 


Jody Bowen Kristen Brewer Cavley Brown Shaun Buchanan 

Daren Caulder Ryan Cheek Eric Cheng Eric YT Cheng 

Tim Groot Jill Hamagami Chris Hamilton Dave Hansford 

Tomoki Kazama Peter Kemp Abdul Kreidie Matthew Kunzweiler 


Richard Bae Tricia Barr 

Erin Beach Aisha Beecroft 



JL Am 

Nicolaj Bunting Oliver Burke Stephen Cain Paige Cameron Robert Caron James Carson Chris Cassin 


Anthony Chieh Jack Connolly Dan Daigle Shane Dembiske Jordan Dew Robert Down 

<*■■ MM* mk Ml 

Michael Evans Kevin Finucane Richard Fraser Sarah Gale Davin Garg Bruce Giovando Ali Gordon-Collins 

Fraser Harris Robin Harrison Kira Heaton Charmaine Ho Antonio Jaballa Brad Johnstone Alia Karmali 




Darcy La Couvee Justin Latimer Jordan Lee Mimi Lee Ryan Link Stephanie Liu Joe Luckhurst 


Angelic Paige and Mimi meet at 
Groves' for a picture before the 
Halloween dance. 

Jordan attends hockey practice 
in his Chiefs costume. 

Chantal is deep in thought at 

Kira smiles as she sorts through 
her artwork. 

Thumbs up from Patty. 

Tim, Amir and Cameron share 
jokes outside after prep. 


fa fa fa 

Laura Macdonald Stewart MacKenzie Dieter MacPherson Derek Malan Martha McAvity Cameron McLean Jessica McNair 

Dan'A! Ngaj Lisa Nielsen 

Sara Niemi Enrique Nieto Dixie Omelchenko Joseph Park Arjun Parmar 

▲*. 4, 

Henri Patricio Kiel Petersen Christina Pidlaski Lauren Pittana Alan Pocock Amir Rahimtula Chantal Ramsax 

Robert Rich Genevieve Ritchie Brett Rostrup Megan Rowley Jonathan Scheske Jack Shiah Erica Shiozaki 

Mike Smith Jonathan Spry 


Alexis Sutton 

David Thompson 

Lisa Tsai 


Hong Tsui 

Holly Wong Cynthia Yen 

Michael Yen Christine Yole 


Shayne Zwickel 


Sport at Shawnigan is a way of life — many would say that it is THE way of life! 
Nobody can remain unaffected by its pervasive hold on our community. If you 
were not an athlete before you came here then you soon found that you had to 
become one. In a modern world it is essential that everybody has some athletic 
interest whether it be a rugged team sport or taking the first steps as an individual 
in a martial art. Whatever your sporting inclinations, Shawnigan provides for 
them. In our tight-knit community athletics is much, much more than a vehicle 
for keeping fit or using up aggressive energy — it is a way of coming together as 
a unit and cultivating a sense of pride in our school. Yes, we are a school and 
schools are primarily seats of learning, not hot-beds of athleticism, but we should 
always remember that mens sana in corpore sano (look it up) is much more a 
truism than a cliche. 



The Colt A boys started the season with a lot of stu- 
dents who were new to the game of rugby. Unfortu- 
nately we lost our first two games against SMUS and 
St. George's; however, the Colts worked their way up 
to the Mid-Islands and celebrated the moment of be- 
ing the champions. Then we moved on to compete in 
the Islands. We faced Oak Bay for our first game of 
the tournament. We lost to them by one conversion 
and it became the obstacle on our way to the top. We 
won the rest of our games and put ourselves in fourth 
place. The Colt Aboys had a good season and thanks 
to our coaches, Mr. Patel and Mr. Felix 

— 5. Laudisio 

Back Row: J. Housser. M. Evans, C. Berg, J. Camp, R. Carruthers, J.D. Roth 
Second Row: Mr. M. Felix. J. Sharma, R. Lai, W. Main. K. Kittiampon, W. Brown, 
S. Catie, G. Moore, K. Geach, Mr. B. Patel Front Row: S. Candelana, S. Laudisio, 
R Mauriks, Z. Keshwaru (Captain), D. Jackman, D. Cape, G. Cilliers, S. Pride. 

Big prop chases after little Geoff. Cody gets ready to fly. 


Jackman is about to 
i^ throw a bullet pass. 

Shawnigan dominates 
another scrum against SMUS 



The Colt B's had a superb season. We opened it on a 
good note, going undefeated at the ISA tournament at St. 
George's and taking first place. We continued to post vic- 
tory after victory for the remainder of the season, punc- 
tuated by a decisive win over Brentwood on our home 
field despite being a man down. Unfortunately our un- 
beaten season was ended by a defeat at Brentwood; how- 
ever, we managed to pull out a sweet win in the final 
grudge match against them. Our season would never have 
been the same without the leadership of our captain 
Walker Maine. Congratulations to him. Also congratula- 
tions to Matt Evens for managing to play nearly 20 min- 
utes at Brentwood before being ejected! 

— James Camp 

Back Row: C. Wylie, A. Chang, J.D. Roth, R. Carruthers, J. White. Mr. B. Patel 
Second Row: Mr. M. Felix, L. Chapman. R. Lai. J. Tsai. T. Ladner, A. Lecky, J. Chan, 
Mr. R. Ash Front Row: J-T. Young, T. Thompson, K. Geach, W. Main, K. Kittiampon, 
J. Camp. M. Evans. J. Brown. 

The boys put on a smile after 
winning against SMUS. 

Anton leads in showing good 


Shawnigan shakes hands after 
a win. 

Vince powers his way through 
SMUS' defense. 

Mr. Fun encourages his Colts 
to a win. 

Back Row: L. Fox. A. Caron, K. Chuang, J. de Montmorency, J. White, J. Feist, 
Mr. B. Patel Third Row: Mr. M. Felix, L. Young, T. Chaytors, B. Excell, B. Bergen, 
K. Siu, M. Constantian. Mr. R. Ash Second Row: V. Champ, H. Richer, G. Johnston, 
J. Morton, P. Harrison, N. Yoon, E. Sun, I. De La Mare Front Row: W. Yap. E. O'Dwyer, 
F Chong, B. Wang. 

Imagine staring into the eyes of 20 or so boys who 
are looking dismally back at you: the prospect of play- 
ing rugby is not an appealing one. Well, that was what 
I was facing from day one! Changes were needed: a 
bit of enthusiasm was needed: a bit of "Fun" was 
needed! No longer was it the Colt "C" team: we be- 
came the grade 10 invitational elite XV. It worked! 
The results became irrelevant: focus was on enjoy- 
ment. The boys were a joy to coach and by the end of 
the season, we had a couple of nail-biting, not to 
mention thrilling, games against Brentwood. Both 
were lost 25-27 but as I told the boys: it is not the 
winning, it is the taking part. Well done to all the 
boys, It's been a pleasure! 

— Richard Ash 

"We are 

not the 

C team: 




"We re- 
mained unde- 
the rest of our 
season, cap- 
ping off a two 
point victory 
at Brentwood 
and winning 

the Mid- 
Island title at 

The Junior Colts season is one that will be treasured 
and remembered by every player on the team. A ten- 
a-side game started the season. The opposing team 
was St. George's. Being thrashed last year 70-0 and 
25-0, we wanted to prove that we were a worthy ri- 
val. After ending a tight first half at 7-5 for 
Shawnigan, we played our hearts out, running in two 
more tries. At the sound of the whistle, we tossed 
our scrum-caps into the air and collapsed on our knees 
from our hard-working game that resulted in a long- 
awaited Shawnigan Junior Colt victory over St. 
George's. We would like to thank our coaches Mr. 
Linn and Mr. Hall for leading us to this victorious 
Junior Colt season. 

— Peter Marsden 

Back Row: Mr. G. Linn, S. Moser, M. Wyatt, P. Joslyn, C. Young, 
D. Danychuk, J. Tinker, W. Wheaton, J. Lim, Mr. M. Hall, 
Front Row: A. Wong, D. Campbell, T. Wills, D. Denk, P. Marsden, B. 
Boshears, J. Lee, C. Link 

Back Row: R. Nafissah, S. Scott, R. Wright, S. Rees, G. Couser, N. Swetlikoff, 
Second Row: Mr. G. Linn, T. Lunn, K. Philippson, A. Nieto, P. Evans, 
M. Raven, A. Burke, Mr. M. Hall, Front Row: S. Hannan, R. Chae, 
S. Simmons, I. Chin, C. Combs, D. Ram, C. Burns, F. Mullin 

Mr. Linn gives the team a pep 
talk at the half. 


Back Row: S. Von Stein, S. Reid, B.J. Caron, B. Felix, I. Lin, L. McLagan. 
Third Row: Mr. R. Samuel, J. Boser, R. Burke, K. Wang, C. Lilley, J. Roaf, 
M. Liron, S. Brenton, Mr. J. Cummings, Second Row: D. Chen, R Sutcliffe, 
S-B. Woo, J. Park, H. Nakagawa, A. Linn, J. Germann, G. Funk, 
Front Row: S. De Witt, A. Kazemi, F. Klassen 

The Grade 8's wait anxiously 
for a tackling drill. 

It's Good! Jason converts the 

The Grade 8 rugby team started out the season with 
not much experience . They caught on to most of 
the fundamental skills by their first match against 
Ladysmith. This match was a good experience be- 
cause it helped us for the up-coming tournament. 
Alghough we didn't win any of our games, the team 
gave it their all. The highlight most definitely was 
defeating our rival school, Brentwood. This game 
gave the team the spark it needed for the Mid-Is- 
lands' competition. In the end, we didn't perform as 
successfully as we had hoped but everyone did their 
best and that's what counts. 

-Jason Park 




/«c/r to 

10's who 

will be 

up to the 



year, ' 

This was definitely the strongest junior team in 
the history of girls' field hockey at Shawnigan. The 
strength lay in the abundance of athletic ability and 
excellent team spirit under the captaining of Erin 
and Kate Tweedie. Highlights of the season were 
the I.S.A. and Mid- Island Tournaments where we 
were very successful. Shawnigan was the only 
school in the Cowichan Valley who did not lose to 
Mid-Island Champions Mt. Prevost. We tied them 
during the season and at the tournament. This ex- 
cellent Junior group should provide the foundation 
for a strong First XI in the next couple of years. 

— Mrs. L. Grass 

Emily, Anna, Coral and 
Whitney look happy after their 
hard game. 

Kate and Fiona are ready to 
block the ball from the opposi- 

fk 1H 1 t 

> C*» 



\&Ami ! 5jl i * 



^T ^^ r b2pc4 fc(y jfl 



fiflc/c /?0H\" //. Davies, M. Bolton, D. Schellenberg, E. Allan, 
C. Bates, Mrs. L. Grass, Front Row: S. Chin, D. Yole, E. Tweedie, 
J. Pickering, K. Tweedie, A.Stuart, W. Mclnnis. 


Back Row: Miss. J. Boyce, M. Gariepy, K. Le Huquet, L. Roberge, 
N. Down, E. Erickson, F. Schellenburg, J. Tung, Mrs. A. Martin. 
Front Row: K. Ashmore, K. Shelly, K. Hagedorn, J. McCallum, A. 
Camargo, A. Gardiner. 

Kristine seems to be swim- 
ming in her goalie gear! 

Jasmin, Elizabeth, 
Kathleen and Adriana 
work together as a team. 

Smile! Elizabeth bright- 
ens up the field hockey 

This year's team was made up of all student from 
Grades 8 to 10 who had never played field 
hockey before. The challenge lay ahead of us, 
as other teams were definitely not new to the 
game. The girls had great attitues, did not get 
discouraged, and constantly put forth their best 
efforts. Their skills and game sense improved 
remarkably throughout the season. I am very 
proud of these girls, and they should be proud 
of their acomplishments. 

— Mrs. A. Martin 

"If we 
we be- 
in the 
end. " 



"there was 
also the 
fun and 
laughter " 

Volleyball this season for the "A" team was quite a suc- 
cessful one. Not only was there hard work and determi- 
nation, but there was also the fun and laughter added by 
each member including Ike and Mr. "D". Memorable mo- 
ments include car rides in the suburban, talking about Mr. 
"D"'s childhood sweethearts (coat on "her" hook),or the 
time Jess Jackson ran into the bleachers at SMU. We can 
never forget the time when Ike showed more than enough 
affection towards me. But all in all, on behalf of the girls, 
we'd like to thank Mr. Dorland for the best season, I'm 
sure any of us have played! To Kajsa, Colleen and Jenna 
- we know where the fat is. 

— Enza Laudisio 

Yvonne, Emily, Adrienne, 
Linda, Dani, Anna, Christina 
and Katie have a short pep 
talk before they start the game. 

Mr. Austin is amazed by 
Daphne 's strong hit against 
the wall. 



is 1vr*V» a AOk 

Back Row: S. Wu, S. Peters, M. Symington, D. Fang, J. Pennington 
Front Row: C. Harrison, K. Gustavson, J. Poupurd, E. Laudisio, 
J. Jackson, N. Hill 

Back Row: Mr. D. Austin, A. Chambers, D. Gottlieb, E. Allan, KcAUe 
Y. Chiang, Ms. L. Favor Second Row: M. Balitmalai. T. Shiah, 
L. Chung. A. Duthie, J. Stewart, A. MacMillan, C Althouse Front Row: 
S. Yen, T. Neff, A. Bernard. J. Horn. C Mejia, K. Rolston, M. Gunter 


Jess shows the rest how a Jr. A 
player should bump the ball. 

The Midget Girls share their 
friendship in the game. 

Back Row: Mr. A. Olson, A. Bukojemsky, F. Sun, M. Bruce, J. Tung, 
M. Hollingbury, K. Hutchison, J. Midgett Front Row: A. Chang, 
S. Jacobson, G. Reuben, J. Miner, M. Charleson 

The Midget Girls Volleyball team had a very successful 
year. Most girls started this season with very little playing 
experience but at the end of the year, the players showed 
great improvement botfci in skills and attitudes. The team 
had a 12-12 regular season record and placed eighth at 
the Midget Girls championship held at Mt. Prevost school. 
Thanks to all members of the team for their hard work and 
good sportsmanship. 

— Mr. A Olson 

ment both 
in skills 
and atti- 


field** 00 

Five forwards, three mids, two defenders and one goalie, 
we had thirteen dedicated team members, hard practices 
and even harder games. We played five tournaments and 
nine league games in only seven weeks. Exhaustion, no! 
Exhilaration, yes! The Seniors, led by their captain, 
Courtenay Althouse, completed another successful sea- 
son, finishing third on Vancouver Island. It has been an 
immense privilege to coach such a fine group of athletes, 
such a fine group of women. This group impressed me 
with their determination to finish that which they had 
started. Ladies, this ability will always serve you well in 
life, and coupled with courage and confidence in your abili- 
ties, you will find you can accomplish all that you set out to 
do. I will miss you all very much. Thank you for all the 
fond memories. 

— D. Robinson 

Fiona prepares to beat the defender. Calin and Anna get the ball away from the Brentwood player. 

Back Row: E. Tweedie, A. Stuart. K. Tweedie, K. Heaton, Mr. D. Robinson, 
C. Brown, M. Lee, T. Barr. Front Row: H. Campbell, C. Soutzo, E. Springgay, 
C. Pidlaski, C. Althouse, P. Hoxvson, K. Hay. 

Courtenay is right up with the play. 




7/?e Sr. Girls come together for 
one last picture to end the sea- 


Kara doesn 't let anyone get the 
ball away from her! 

Calin and Courtenay share a 
hug after the game. 

Elaine leaves everyone in the 

Heather prepares to defend her 
end of the field. 

/! *&/? 


"We were 

thrilled to 

reach the 

I.S.A final 

after a 
great win 

over St. 

The Senior girls experienced many highlights this year. In 
the first tournament at Malaspina College we found it diffi- 
cult to get into a rhythm, but Iritana Houston and Missy 
Charleson ably led the team. We also had solid play from 
Christine Yole. Then it was the I.S.A Championships at 
Brentwood Col lege. This was a different story. We were 
thrilled to reach the final after an exciting and hard-fought 
semifinal against St. Margaret's and there met a very strong 
and consistent York House team.Unfortunately, they saved 
their best volleyball for that game and so we placed sec- 
ond. Iritana and Lisa Tsai were selected to the All-Star 
team. After Thanksgiving we played in a tournament at 
Victoria High before crossing the water to UBC which 
hosted a high-calibre tournament with teams from Alberta 
and Manitoba. Although we did not win matches, we learned 
to play against very good teams including White Rock Chris- 
tian — a perennial powerhouse in the Single 'A' Division. 

Laura dives down to bump the 
falling ball. 

Alexis seems distracted as Missy 
and Laura look in the direction 
of the coming ball. 

Back Row: L. Tsai, C. Yole, A. Sutton, A. Beecroft, L.Macdonald, 
Mr. C. Staff. Front Row: C. Shieh, M. Charleson, I. Houston, 
S. Chang, M. Wilson. 


In the meantime, we continued to play well at the league 
level, winning all of our games. Then it was the Island 'A' 
Championships. Nine teams arrived at Lake Cowichan Sec- 
ondary School for the weekend. The highlight was our play 
against Cedar Secondary and Duncan Christian School on 
the Friday. Alas, we were not so fortunate on the Saturday 
and couldn't get past Ecole Brodeur and Pacific Christian. 
This left us tied for 3rd in the Championships based on 
matches won. We were proud that Missy Charleson was 
named to the All-Star team. 

In closing, I thank all the players for their commitment to 
the program and their efforts and sacrifices during this sea- 
son; we learned many valuable lessons and enjoyed many 

— Mr. C. Stapff, Coach. 

"The high- 
light was 
our play 
Christian " 

H_ *MML* 1 ______ . 

^T _^fl V J! 


m" m 

"■"'■'■:: .T<:,'- ' 


m ' I 

■ r ;-- -i 


•* * ; j^ — ^^ 4 


r i^&& 

W '^m\ 



Time out for a group picture. 

Lisa spikes the ball over the net 
while Missy waits and watches . 

Jritana, Serena and Camille 
take their positions. 



Sailing the Ocean Blue... 

This fall term, Sailing was blessed with warm, sunny 
afternoons well into the middle of November. There 
were several stormy days, of course, but our Com- 
modore, Mr. Sarsfield, put these to excellent use for 
our classroom instruction. (By the way, what is a 
camber?!) We spent our sailing time refining race 
tactics and practicing perilous starts and rounding 
pressing marks. Our green crews had ample oppor- 
tunity to master the essentials - learn the ropes, so to 
speak (although, in sailing, there are no ropes; only 
lines) - under the grueling guidance of our seasoned 
veterans in the fleet of Pirates. All in all, I'd say the 
season proved productive and fun. 

— A. Deane 

Dieter watches the sails 

Amir looks out towards the 
gusting winds. 

Ryan blocks out the sun during 
a great day of sailing. 


Jim lets the current take him for 
a ride. 

Chris, Nathalie, Cara and Earl 
are ready to go, while Mike and 
Dan prepare in the background. 

Back Row: J. Chang, E. Bosenberg, C. Hamilton, E. Pheasey, J. Latimer, D. Poling, 
Ms. Woollven Middle Row: N. Sihota. N. Kenyan, C. Aylwin, K. Chang, F. Harris, 
D. Evans, C. Cassin, D. Daigle Front Row . Mr. Yates, T. Aylwin, M. Evans, J. Ellis, 
M. Phillips, C. Barnsley, J. Connolly 

The fall of 2000 had record-high sunlight and 
record-low rainfall. We experienced both balmy 
and chilly days of paddling, saw our fair share of 
marine life, and enjoyed some great meals. We all 
had a taste of that special camaraderie that comes 
from sharing beautiful places, field tents and crack- 
ling camp fires. Memories include night commando 
games, sparkling phosphorescence, gargantua sea 
lions, sweat lodges, and three bulbs of garlic in the 
pasta sauce. Special thanks to Ms. Favor for join- 
ing us on two of our trips, and being so generous of 
her time, expertise and enthusiasm. 

— P. Yates & W. Woollven 

"... record- 
high sun- 
light and 
rainfall. " 


"These guys 
are going to 
be tugging 
at your 
they 're go- 
ing to be 
yapping to 
you, the 
ref... you 
just play 
your game." 

The Soccer XI had a very strong year, highlighted with 
the team's first win in two seasons. Despite a difficult 
starting schedule, we held our own against much tougher 
and experienced squads like Gulf Islands and Brentwood. 
Next, the team travelled to Vancouver for an ISA tourna- 
ment. We were in the "Island pool" which was the domi- 
nating force in the tournament. We placed third in our 
section and the winner went on to win the competion. Our 
skills were improving and it all came together for our next 
game, at home, against John Barsby. After a strong start 
the score was 2-0 for us, and even though we managed to 
score an own goal (J.C.) we still came out on top 5-2. The 
team would like to thank Mr. Williams and Mr. Swiednicki 
for a productive and enjoyable season. 

— Paul Rokeby -Thomas 

The team listens as Mr. Williams 
prepares the team for their final 

Back Row: A. Smart, G. Housser, E. Bouey, J. Park Middle Row: 
Mr. D. Williams, B. Johnstone, E. Nieto, J. Carson, D. Garg, T. Kazama, A. 
Chieh Front Row: E. Williams, J. McCallum, G. Laudisio, N. Janmohamed, 
P. Rokeby-Thomas, T. Cape, J. Lopez 

Back Row: A. Jabbala, J. P. Du Plessis, P. Chiang, G. Housser, R. Bae, 
J. Kujath, Mr. D. Williams Front Row: S-D. Han, A. Kreidie, S. Dembiske, 
B. Butler, S-H. So, K. Storer 


Back Row: B. Bowell, D. Malan, Mr. R. Filgate, M. Smith, H. Wallace, 
Front Row: H. Patricio, R. Holman, B. Wills, M. Purtzki, D. Caulder 


The Senior Boys' Cross Country team had another 
successful season. The team consisted of over 
twenty runners most of whom competed in 5 league 
races, the Island Championships and the Provincial 
Championships. Ben Wills was this year's captain 
and consistently ranked in the top 5 runners in the 
league and top 10 on the island. Other outstanding 
races this season came from James Carson, Marcus 
Purtzki, Harvey Wallace, Mike Smith, Blake Bowell 
and James Tinker. For the second year in a row the 
team placed second on the island and qualified for 
the B.C. Championships 

— Mr. R. Filgate 




Marcus uses his long stride to 
stay ahead of the competition. 

The team stretches and loosens 
up before the Provincial Race. 



Curling is a new sport to Shawnigan and we are all 
beginners. We started the year with no idea what we 
were doing but have caught on quickly. Mr. Ouellette 
is a great coach and always has good advice. At the 
beginning of February, we started a tournament con- 
sisting of our four teams that will end in March with 
playoffs. We are a small group of about 16 that al- 
ways gets along, especially with Michael Bhatti's 
jokes. We have lost a few people to the Wilberforce 
but are still holding together quite well ! On behalf of 
the Curling team, I would like to thank Mr. Ouellette 
for introducing us to the sport of Curling. 

— Jason Feist 

Jason sweeps hard to get 
Michael's rock down the ice. 

Dave shows his teammates 
where to make the hit. 

Group Photo: Abdul, Ben, Justin, 
Evan, Jason, Dave, Jason, 
Michael, Jack, Wayne, Jenna, 


Back row: Mr. P. Yates, M.Kunzweiler, M. Duncan, B. Butler, 
J. Ayotte, E. de la Mare, D. Howson. Front row: N. Stavrakov, 
R.Holman, B. Bowell, K. Brewer, A. Quock, P. Guelpa. 

Ben looks a little different with 
all his gear on. 

Junior shows us how strong he 
looks in his equipement. 

"A mind stretched by a new experience can never 
return to its former shape." The twelve members of 
the SAR program had a busy term. They came to- 
gether as a team, and shared a variety of cold, wet, 
and challenging experiences. There were some big 
time commitments to wilderness first aid and 
swiftwater rescue training, but the payoffs were worth 
it as everyone's knowledge, skills and confidence 
grew tremendously. Our most memorable shared 
experience would have to be swimming the big hole 
at the foot of Skutz Falls (again and again and again 
and again....). To Matt, Alanna, Blake, Nick, Royce, 
Ben, Paul, Kristen, Dave, Junior, Erik and Macken- 
zie: "See you on the river, gang." 

— Mr. P. D. Yates 




i^ ing 

"It has 
been a 


The swimming program, which was revived this year, 
has been a great success. More than 80 students, 
Junior and Senior, came into the program with a wide 
range of experiences, interests, needs and abilities. 
Accommodating this diversity was not always easy 
but an individualized approach to instruction made 
it possible. Some developed basic swimming skills 
and received a student award, while others obtained 
their Bronze Medallion, which involved rescue and 
fitness. A Few decided to meet the stiff challenge of 
training for a Bronze Cross. Finally, a small group 
opted to face the difficult task of the National Life 
Saving Certificate and obtained their official certifi- 
cation. Congratulations to all! 

— Mme M-L. Boulais 



Sarah practises life saving on a 

Before the lesson, the group 
warms up by treading water. 

Back Row: C. Basarab, C. Ramsay, E Beach, S. Brown. Second Row: 
S. Buchanan, J. Spry, E. de la Mare, E. Shiozaki, D. Ngai, A. Gordon - 
Collins, C. Yen, S. Lui, K. Basskin, H. Wong, C. Ho, H. Shiels, N. Wang. 
Front Row: J. Luckhurst, S. Gale, S. Zwickel, K. Duhamel, M. Rowley, 
A. Chang, R. Down, J. Shiah, L. Nelson. 


Holly and Ali are happy swimmers. 

The girls line up to race. 

Ali, Alex, Dawn and Nicole get used to the water before the 

Over two terms in swimming, I have learned much more than 
I have learned in any other sport. Joining swimming simply to 
improve my strokes and fitness, I was surprised when our in- 
structor, Lonnie, started teaching rescuing skills. In Bronze 
Medallion, we began with simple rescues and gradually moved 
on to more difficult situations. By the time we did Bronze Cross 
in the second term, rescue and recusitation techniques came 
naturally, we could easily approach victims with our aids, lift 
them out of the water, do rescue breathing and CPR. Regular 
timed swims kept us physically fit. We became certified life- 
savers when we passed the Bronze Cross. I am now taking a 
national lifeguarding course, which comes with new compli- 
cations and challenges. It is a tremendously demanding course, 
but the fact that I am capable of maybe saving someone's life 
one day motivates me. 

— Holly Wong 

Shayne practises CPR on Graham in the pool, while Holly tries to 
get attention in the corner. 



is a 

Squash continues to be a popular choice as a sport for 
the Winter Term. This year was no exception and it is 
unfortunate that the programme had to turn away players 
due to the fact that we only have two courts. The Pacific 
Northwest Junior Championships in Victoria attracted 250 
players from Western Canada and the U.S.A. Shawnigan 
entered a contingent of 30, all of whom played well and 
gained valuable experience. In particular, Caleb Lilley, 
Natalie Hill and Elaine Springgay achieved notable re- 
sults in their events. It was encouraging to note the number 
of talented juniors playing this season as they will ensure 
the continued success of the programme. 

— Mrs. L. Grass 

^^i^flHL \ *Sl Mil 

Back Row: Mr. S. Candelaria, A. Chang, E. Springgay, D. Daigle, 
K. Chong. Front Row: B. Wills, M. Purtzki, R. Davis, J. McCallum. 

Rob and Chris look very relaxed between games. 
Walker warms up before his match. 


Back Row: Mr. R. Grass, D. MacPherson, A. Beecroft, E. Lecky, 
K. Heaton. Front Row: D. Caulder, I. Macdonald, C. Dodge, 
H. Patricio. 

Back Row: J. German, B. Excell, J. McCallum. Middle Row: Mr. 
S. Housser, J-Y Kwon, N. Hill, W. Main, A. Chang, B. Decor by, Mr. 
J. Cumming. Front Row: F. Chong, F. Dairy mple, C. Li I ley, B. Yoon, 
P. Mitchell. 

Walker and Josh 
model their cool 
squash glasses. 

Come on Alex, 
get in the game! 


What can I say about the the Senior Boys Basketball 
team? First of all I would like to thank Mr. Austin 
for a season of basketball that I shall never forget. 
Secondly I would like to thank the boys for a season 
of laughter after the games. A speacial thanks goes 
out to Richard Seok who cheered the team up when 
it was needed, Noah Mills, for his golden three-point 
hand, and to Andrew Buchanan for his incredible 
drives to the basket. Thirdly a special thanks to the 
school for their great support when we played in the 
Stag Classic. Good luck to next year's senior boys. 
You will have a very successful season next year. 

— Earl Pheasey 

Richard dribbles the ball up the 
court while Mike sets up the 

The team psyches itself up for 
the final push. 


i ' ' "^ 

f j bra 


**0 L*.'iLL 

£> »- 

Jk 4 a » 


Back Row: Mr. D Austin, J. Scheske, G. Laudisio, A. Buchanan, 
N. Mills. Front Row: R. Seok, T. Huang, E. Pheaesey, N. 
Janmohamed, P. Chieng. Missing: Y.T. Cheng, Mike Yen, 
J. Carson 


Gianni prepares himself to take 
on the opposition. 

Earl slams the ball in the net 
in the Cowichan game. 


Whether getting off the bus or walking out of the gym, all the girls left with 
sweat on their brows and a look on their faces expressing their efforts in 
the recent game. The season was memorable by both the games and 
coaches, ( thanks Mr. Noble and Miss. Boyce). The highlights of our 
season came mostly from the girls and the memories made on and off the 
court. The one thing that set Shawnigan apart was our impressive way of 
incorporating rugby shills into each game! We came out of a few games 
lacking numbers on the score clock but certainly made up for it in effort. 
As the season progressed so did our game and our ability to avoid "un- 
necessary" contact. Our final game, which was the qualifier for the Is- 
lands, was a tough battle and unfortunately we didn't come out on top. 
Trailing by only nine points we still, however, felt like winners as our sea- 
son ended. Thanks girls and good luck next year to Lisa, Jen and Alia. 

— Courtenay Althouse and Lisa Tink 

Shooting before the 
game, Missy takes some 
warm up shots. 

Missy, Lisa, Calin, and 
Heather take in the 

Mr. Noble and Miss 
Boyce smile while re- 
laxing at the beach. 

Back row: Miss J. Boyce, L. Tsai, I. Houston, A. Karmali, C. Soutzo, 
J. Ellis, Mr. S. Noble, Front row: M. Charleson, H Campbell, 
C. Althouse, S. Chang, L. Tink 


The team at the beach! 

Heather looks excited to play. 

Mr. Noble brings the girls in to 
discuss the game. 

Lisa shows her amazing skills. 




s lce 




were on 

top of 


The Junior Boys Basketball team had a 
very successful season. The boys were a 
perfect 10-0 in league play and finished 
the season with a 25-4 record. The boys 
won the Cedar tournament as well as their 
own Junior Stag Classic. "I feel that it was 
a very successful and rewarding year and 
I predict that there will be much more suc- 
cess to come for the members of the Jun- 
ior Boys Basketball Team." 

— Mr. A. Olson 

Back Row: Mr. A. Olson, J. Brown, J. Chan, Z. Keshwani, J. Camp, 
J. Morton, M. Bridgeman, C. Berg. Front Row: J. Lee, K. Kittiampon, 
R. Lai, A. Wong, G. Johnston, S. Candelaria. 

Cody easily wins a jump ball. Kris is deadly from downtown. 


Sung shows off his shooting skill. 

Mr. Sarsfield referees a Midget 
Boys Basketball game. 

Back Row: Mr. J. Sarsfield, J. Park, S. Dewitt, B. J. Caron. 
Front Row: M. Liron, A. Lin, S-B. Woo, H. Nakagawa. 

The Midget Boys Basketball team has had a suc- 
cessful season, going 5-2. Only six boys originally 
joined the team, but this number was enhanced by 
two through the term. The two games we lost were 
both close, and early on: the boys had not yet be- 
come 'game fit'. We held the Midget Boys Mid- 
Island Tournament at Shawnigan. We came fifth 
in a strong field and were proud of our effort. It 
has been a great pleasure for me to coach this team. 
They have worked very hard, and have both played 
and practiced with determination and pride. The 
season, in my estimation, has been a great suc- 

— Mr. J. Sarsfield 

have no 
subs on 






When considering the actual game of basketball, our Jun- 
ior girls' team had a difficult task ahead of them; learn 
the game well enough to be played at a competitive level. 
A difficult task indeed, when you consider the range of 
skills that each player had brought with them into the 
court. The girls practiced hard, and rose to be ranked in 
the 'middle of the pack' in our league. When we took our 

game on the road well, that is a whole other 

story.... burp! excuse me., red, pink, eggs...Carly! 
What was impressive about this year's team was; their 
ability to not be intimidated by other teams much better 
than them, their willingness to work hard and focus on 
their goals, and the commitment to improving their rela- 
tionship amongst their teammates. Ms. Favor would like 
to thank her players, her assistant coach Carly Hall, and 
all the other basketball coaches that help make the sea- 
son possible. Good-luck next year! — Ms. L. Favor 

Back row: Ms. C. Hall, M. Symington, A. Duthie, Y. Chiang, 
T. Shiah, N. Down, K. Lafferty, Ms. L. Favor. Front row: S. Yen, 
E. Laudisio, J. Poupard, E. Tweedie, A. MacMillian, W. Mclnnis. 

Anna relaxes on the bench 
during a break in play. 

Mr. Sarsfield, Mr. Robertson 
and Mr. Linn take in the game. 

Jacqueline just needs a minute 
to recover before joining the 
Midget team again. 


Back row: Mr. J. Connolly, M. Bruce, J. Tung, 
J. Midgett, G. Reuben, K. Le Huquet. Front row: 
H. Davies, S. Jacobson, M. Bolton, D. Yole, J. Miner. 

The Midget Girls have had an excellent season. In 
December, with only a single practice to our credit, 
we played four game and lost each of them. With time 
and hard work, however, we bolstered our defensive 
skills, improved our shooting, and developed our sense 
of teamwork. This led to a string of victories after 
Christmas. Our post-holiday record of 8 wins and 2 
losses speaks volumes for the efforts of these girls. In 
the Mid-Island tournament, we won two of our three 
games and placed third, narrowly missing the final 
after a 4-point loss to a team that had previously beaten 
us by 30. I am proud of the stellar efforts of these 
girls, a number of whom will have a powerful impact 
on the quality of Shawnigan basketball as they ad- 
vance in the programme. — Mr. J. Connolly 

"I am 

proud of 



of these 




The Hockey team has had a great season. Led by the 
wonderful coaching staff of Mr. Fraser and Mr. Tang, 
we got off to an average start losing to Brentwood in 
the opener 9-2. Our first win of the season came against 
a tough Kelsey team. The game was won 5-2, and was 
the first win in two seasons for the SLS team. We played 
in one more game and had many tough practices filled 
with lots of skating, preparing us for the feature game 
against our arch-rivals from Brentwood. The game was 
extremely hard-hitting and fast-paced. The final score 
was Brentwood 5 Shawnigan 2. Although it sounds 
like a blowout, the score does not at all reflect the ef- 
fort the team put into the game. The season was great 
fun and I know that we are all still wondering, "When 
will Patty score a goal?" 

— Jordan Dew 

The team members congratulate 
each other on their first win of 
the season. 

Back Row: P. Allard, D. Allison, B. Rostrup, J. Roth, A. Buchanan, 
D. Jackman, S. Reid. Middle Row: Mr. D. Tang, D. Thompson, 
M. Evans, J. Housser, T Groot, P. Sarkozi, J- Lee, Mr. L. Fraser. 
Front Row: K. Tweedie, J. Dew, S. McCrady, B. Tweedie, C. McLeod, 
T. Cape, R. Fraser, S. Hein. 

Dave tries to steal the puck from 
a speedy Kelsey player. 


Sterling applies pressure, while Jordan tries to win the face-off 
Jordan waits for a turnover. so Patty can charge to the net. 

The team listens to some inspiring words between periods. 




ing a 
base... " 

First term rowing can be summarised as a period of fun, 
hard work, adventure and fabulous conditions. Training 
included regular trips to the end of the lake with a focus 
on building a solid fitness base. The competitive aspect 
of the program was limited to one trip south of the 
border, where we competed in two regattas with suc- 
cess, the Frostbite on Green Lake and the Head of the 
Lake on Lake Union. Many thanks to the Niemi family 
for hosting the "whole gang". To complete the story of 
the fall term of rowing, one would have to mention the 
fabulous conditions we enjoyed, from morror-like water 
and many more dry than wet days, to spectacular 
sunsets and clear, crisp aftrenoons. Thank you to the fall 
term coaching staff for excellent service and commitment 
to the program. — Mrs. A. Stapff 

Sam, Coral, Julie and Katie 
row the arm while the rest get 
a free ride before their turn. 

Mrs. Stapff and Mr. Hutchison 
take time from their coaching 
to smile during the Green Lake 

The final rowers come in off the 
water after a hard row. 



The Senior Boys ' eight finishes 
their head race at UW. 

The Senior Girls ' quad smiles 
between races at the Green 
Lake regatta. 

James, Jon, Rob and Ian 
display perfect balance in 
their quad. 

Sara and Martha show their 
love before practice. 

The Senior Girls power it 
back to the boathouse. 


The Junior Boys ' eight is the 
epitome of strength. 

The novice boys learn how to 
row on a beautiful day. 

Howie shows his perfect 
technique in a single. 

The winter term was very successful for the twenty-two 
athletes from Grades 8- 1 in the Junior Girls rowing pro- 
gram. During this period, athletes trained in a variety of 
rowing shells from singles to eights. While the majority of 
time was spent on the lake, some of our practice time 
found the girls honing their technique indoors on the row- 
ing machines (ergs) and in the rowing tanks. The primary 
focus was to improve technique, develop camaraderie, 
create an endurance base and above all have fun. Unfor- 
tunately, our first two races, the Head of Shawnigan Lake 
and the Head of Mill Bay, were cancelled due to snow. 
The winter term culminated at the Elk Lake Spring Re- 
gatta hosted in Victoria. 

— Mr. G Loiselle 






all [to] 


fun. " 

Jenny, Sara, A I anna and Jen 
take a break for a smile. 


A Random 
Look at 

Ben, Mackenzie and Matt work 
hard to save Paul from the rag- 
ing rapids. 

Peter shows off his stick han- 
dling in practice. 





*"0 ^ 



I iv( 


wm> 'i 







- ^ — " ■*" 

£a/7 afwwfo a beauty during Dave and Wayne sweep towards Evan lines up the rock! 
warm-up. the button. 

Eric shoots from the outside. 


'We may 
lose in 
else, but 
we don 't 
lose in 



There are two words to describe Rugby Skills: 
"Patelbur Force". It was not an uncommon sight for 
us to see the Wilber Force finishing up while we were 
still on the stairs or ending a run. At the beginning 
of the term, we all wrote down our goals so we each 
had something to work towards before we started the 
rugby season. Our days consisted of 7k warm-up 
runs, video and strategy sessions, aerobics, weights 
and field sessions. As well, we had numerous beep, 
bench-press and leg-press tests to monitor our im- 
provement. A big thanks to Mr. Patel who made sure 
we were able to practise even if we had doctors' notes 
or if there was 5 feet of snow on the fields. 

— Paul Rokeby-Thomas 

Shawnigan is quick to defend 
against a Brentwood scrum. 

Cameron grubbers through 
while John and Mark support. 

James clears against Dundee. 


Caterham is hard pressed 
against the Shawnigan defense. 

Mr. Hyde-Lay calls another 
penalty against Shawnigan. 


The three pillars of a Shawnigan education are often described as the three A s 
— academics, athletics, arts. The Fine Art program can be regarded by some as 
the third in importance, as well as the third on the list because it does not have 
the high profile of sports nor the all-pervasivness of classes. It would be a great 
mistake to think so. Although both sports and fine arts must bow to the supremacy 
of academics at a school like ours, the Fine Art program is alive, well and flexing 
its muscles. From the rarely-noticed yearbook group to the grand spectacular of 
the musical, from traditional carving and potting to the latest in computer 
graphics, from streamkeeping to outreach and many, many other arts and services 
in between, arts groups make Shawnigan a busy place after classes on Mondays, 
Wednesdays and Fridays. The following pages can offer just a hint of what goes 






An almost entirely new Yearbook staffproved a challenge at the beginning, but 
we have all gained a new knowledge and come together to work smoothly as a 
team to produce the yearbook. We believe Shawnigan Lake School is a world unto 
itself, which is why we chose the theme. We took bits of our world throughout the year, 
and with pictures, page layouts and write-ups, we gave it back on our computed pages. 
During the year, our efforts were rewarded with the occasional pizza party, which kept us moti- 
vated. We would like to say a special thank you to Mr. Hatch who has helped us out on several 
occasions by supplying us with photos. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Mr. and Mrs. Leary, 
and the skills and determination of the staff, the yearbook was made possible. 

- Jenny Rolston and Paul Rokeby-Thomas 

Nathalie concentrates on typing 
her Science page. 

Adrienne tries to think of what story she can tell from the picture. Sean concentrates on deciding which pictures to be developed. 




Paul Rokeby-Thomas 

Jenny Rolston 

Staff Photographers 

Junior Layout Artists 

Senior Layout Artists 

Eric Cheng 

Nathalie Down 

Jordon Dew 

Hong Tsui 

Jason Feist 

Erik de la Mare 

Gregory Funk 

Mark Han 

Adrienne MacMillan 

Charmaine Ho 

Sean Scott 

Earl Pheasey 
Calin Soutzo 

Erik is pleased with his work 
on the page. 

Charmaine thinks carefully 
about putting down some great 

As the co-editors, Jenny and Paul 
are responsible for scheduling 
the pages for the upcoming year- 

Mr. Leary looks up at the camera 
rather than concentrating on his 





The Martial Arts program has enjoyed another strong year at Shawnigan. It has 
followed the traditional philosophy of instruction through kata and basic training. Its 
main focus has been to teach students to defend themselves in real self-defense situa- 
tions. Shorinjiryu karate and jujutsu training have provided the basis for the instruction. 
The program has again been very fortunate to have Mr. Doug Mortley lead all the classes. He 
is the senior ranking instructor in the Westren Canadian Butoko-kai Martial Arts organization. 
Thestudents who have participated in the program have found it to be challenging and difficult but 
tremendously rewarding. We all hope that it continues to find a strong place in the school. 

— Mr. D. Hyde-Lay 

The group bows before they begin. Kevin holds strong as Lisa 

lunges at him. 

Stewart kicks out at Arman 


While Musical drama is the big focus for the year, an equally important dramatic 
group works to produce its own performance. A small cast of dedicated students 
meets in the Shaw Centre each Fine Art day to practise their lines, hone their acting 
skills, and prepare for the show. This year, they chose to stage "Steel Magnolias", a 
challenging play but one well suited to the talented all-female group. Under the direction of 
Ms. Phaedra Fairwell, the girls put on a superb performance which was extremely well-received 
by all who had the pleasure to attend. We hope that the group gained as much pleasure and satisfaction 
from their involvement as we had from watching. We look forward to more of their efforts in the future 


— The Yearbook Staff 

Alexis, H alley and Megan star 
in the Steel Magnolias 

Megan throws herself into the 
role of Miss Claree. 


The Architectural Drafting and Design Program is a new, computer-centered 
version of a course that was previously taught at Shawnigan for many years. The 
^*^. / first year has been somewhat experimental in content, the main focus being familiar- 
4^£ / ity and comfort with the Vectorworks program. All students have completed 2-D and 3- 
J^y / D house drawings, spreadsheets, perspectives, flybyes and 3-D animated walk-throughs of 
/ ^^ / their designs. Towards the end of the year we purchased Artlantis, a marvelous artistic render- 
\J / ing tool that has allowed an even greater 3-D option. As well as drafting skills, students have 
learned about house construction technique and vocabulary through trips to the Headmaster's new 
home as it was being built. We have had a keen, hardworking, talented group. 

— Mr. G. Smith 

Richard, Joseph and Howard 
take a breather. 

Antonio works hard on his de- 

Ken is amazed with his work!! 

Tyler and Anton laminate the finished project. 





They still have all their fingers, and I'm determined to keep it that way. 

I'm Mr. Nelson, replacing Mr. Smith this year in woodworking fine art, and what a 

first it has been! These kids want to be here making sawdust (now if I could only get 

them to clean it up) and they're turning some great ideas into terrific projects; from gifts 

for Mom to furniture for their room (or useless things which I regret letting them make). 

These students have really put their roots down in the shop and personality is coming out of the 

woodwork. They're aTREEt to instruct when they don't go against the grain and act like saplings, 

in which case I'd BARK at them. I hope they will Branch out and onto a project like you never SAW 

I hope to see some of them back next year. Thanks to Mr. Rolston and Mr. Smith for helping to make it an 

easier start. 

— Mr. T. Nelson 


Paul carries his wood 

Bill focuses extremely hard on his 

JD gets a little instruction from 
Mr. Nelson. 

Watch your fingers, Poling! 
Ryan watches the saw carefully. 




What fun! Students worked on projects from painting, col- 
lage, drawing and printmaking to craft techniques like papier 
mache, jewellery making, sun catchers and clay work. Some won- 
derful gifts were made for friends and family. Students explored new 
and exciting techniques without the constraints of class projects. Many 
developed new skills and problem-solving techniques in a relaxed, and yet 

exciting studio setting. „ TT 

b b — C. Harvey 

Chris gives the camera the evil 
eye as Shane and Cameron work 
in the background. 

Patrick and Jackie seem enter- 
tained by Sian's work of art. 


The choir meets outside the regular academic and extracurricular sched- 
ule. We work on a variety of musical literature and perform regularly at 
Festivals and at School. Outside events include the Comox Valley Festival, the 
Cowichan Valley Festival and the West Coast Choral Festival in Victoria. At 
home the choir plays an important role in the Chapel, particularly for the Christmas 
Carol Service in December. While the ability to sing is a great asset, a sense of enthusi 
asm and commitment is far more valuable. The choir had a great year with outstanding 
attendance. I would like to thank all the members and particularly thank Ms. Mackenzie for 
all her hard work and enthusiasm. _ A GueuUUe 


Paige tries to keep clean while 
working with papier mache. 

Andrea walks the aisle at Christ- 

Adriana sings with grace at the 
Christmas Service. 

■ Hi irifll 

rtfc 1 

j^ f 

P . „ 

m ^Kt **' '^^. 

31 ■%%^^m*A^r *^^^^^2H 

H^^r^V k^^^^ 

f & ^ 

Groves' fdls out the choir nicely 
during Chapel. 

Mr. Rolston searches for inspi- 
ration as he and Michael col- 
laborate on a new design. 




This year the Dance program was an exciting experience for everybody wh 
part. The dance teachers thoroughly enjoyed working with such an enthusiasl 
motivated bunch. Compared to earlier years we spiced up our program by usin^ 
V^ / hip-hop and an edgier style. With tunes from Britney Spears, Pink, Mariah Carey, Je 
fcjy / Lopez and other artists this has been one of the best dance years ever. The girls gaine 

formance experience by entering the Cowichan Music Festival. This proved to be very su 
ful. The dancers also showed off their moves to the rest of the school at the Fine Arts concert 
was not only entertaining but a fun night for all involved. I'd like to thank Jodi and Reija for maki 
year memorable and having so much patience when we weren't the easy group to work with. I wish 
girls luck in their future years. I know that Dance will continue to make a large and valuable impress 
Shawnigan life. —Leanne MacLean 


What a group. Christine, 
Leanne, Mimi and Lisa seem to 
enjoy their fine art. 


— i 


J . *$ 


ft* ' ' 


1 HH 


W$ •»' "■Vji <tr .< 


•i t| 

^^k '*-"'' ^Ett£3 i 

1 ; Ti r 1 


».'. m 

p_^ ■ * 

) i I 

" # 

1 * 


w z 

k tt - 


L J 




^ ■ 





t *? 


Lisa stretches before she starts 
her dance. 

The girls try out their moves 
before the performance. 


The group started the year off with an eye-opening trip to Suburbia 
Studios in Victoria to see some cutting-edge technology. Bruce, Darcy and Di 
eter busied themselves obtaining some valuable career advice! The returning Sen 
iors produced their "Eye of the Artist" display, inspired solely by each student studying 
his/her own reflection in a pocket mirror. Richard, however, still prefers to start with a scan 
or two. He had more fun with the calendar assignment. The Juniors practised their skills on the 
"Build-an-animal" project and then began exploring advanced technique in a "Dreamscape" as- 
signment. In February, all the students had a behind-the-scenes look at how a digital file is printed 
This Spring, some of the Seniors went on to explore Web design projects while others assisted in 
creating imagery for various School events and plays. Look out, as we boss those pixels around! 

— Mrs. K. Barnard 

Mr. Cox watches as Ms. 
Barnard shows Nicole what 
to do. 

Sterling listens to his music while 
he works. 

Computer graphics takes much 
concentration, shown here by 
Richard Bae and Joseph Park. 

Sterling is deep in thought as 
he listens to instructions. 


Pottery started off a little slowly and we all became frustrated with centring 

^^V / among other things! Eventually, with help and encouragement we got the hang 

J^^ / of it and as the weeks went by people were making two to three pots a day. We had 

^ T' / boxes full to the brim to take home to our family and friends at Christmas time. We learnt 

^N / new things every day, with our instructor running to our side to help us save a pot or take 

^\ / something off the wheel. As we all aspire to become better potters, we continue to work hard 

and have fun. We know that we will all have completed some excellent work by the end of the year. 

Thanks for all your help Margaret.We had a great time. 

— Emily Allan 

Emily shows Cole how to glaze. Missy gets down and dirty with 

her pottery. 
It's a race between Erica and 
Trish. Matt follows Margaret's instruc 

tions closely. 



The debating group is small but mighty! In a few short weeks students com- 
peted in the Newman-Fisa where David Dakin and Robert Rich tied for first over 
all. At the International Independent Schools' Public Speaking Tournament the team 
of Alia Karmali, David Dakin and Robert Rich placed 2 1 st out of 49 schools from around 
the world. Everyone in debating helped to host the Western Debate Seminar where the best 
provincial debaters from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia competed 
over four days. Kristen Brewer, Jeremy Thorn and Jay de Montmorency organized the events 
while Alia Karmali, David Dakin, Robert Rich, David Alison, Ben Sampson and Whitney Mclnnis 
debated. Other members ran the rooms as Speakers and did an outstanding job. 

— Mrs. L. Martin. 


David just won his debate, so 
he 's happy. 

Jeremy and Kristen have a 
deep talk on the walkie-talkies. 

Alia delivers her rebuttal. 


The Environment Activity, under the direction of Mr. Noble and Mrs. 
Dalrymple, worked on a number of projects this year. Shawnigan Creek and Ma- 
son's beach were the focus as the group joined the community and government to 
protect and clean these resources. Many members in the activity worked towards attain- 
ing stream-keeper's certification. Other work included hatchery management, reforestation 
of a clearcut on the school property and a fish trap survey on the Lake. The group has attended 
lectures with the Cowichan Valley Naturalists and had a field trip to Tofino in April. This activity 
has enjoyed bringing the message of the importance of recycling to the school and has been instru- 
mental in the efficient running of the recycling program. Thank you for a wonderful year. 

— Mrs. E. Dalrymple 

Ray and Jason take a time-out Jay and Jo make light work of 
from their labours. clearing the brush. 

Anna makes hauling logs look 


Our year started off with a shirt to make. Many of the students finished that A. 

project and moved on to quite a few pairs of fleece pants. They ended the year \. <<f 

with a flurry of finishing products for Christmas gifts and started the New Year off N. <J^ 
with another shopping trip for more fabric. Projects followed which required them to \. ^^^ 
learn to use a pattern. It was around this time that I noticed fewer outbursts of "Help! Mrs. ^v \*} ± 

Marshall" or "Oh No" and a lot more humming of machines. I have worked with a wonderful \v /■/ 

bunch of students and seen their confidence and creativity grow throughout the year. Thanks to 
all for a great year. - Mrs. B. Marshall 

Mikaela works on her 
next masterpiece. 

Caroline Goupil is busy 
creating her fall collection. 

Elizabeth focuses on her 
project at hand. 

I wonder what Melvin 
is making ? 


The Instrumental Music Program has had a very good year. Both 

the Junior and Senior groups are very strong. The Senior Combo 

performed several times in the first term, at International Week and at 

New Parents' Day. They participated in several Festivals during the second 

half of the year; for example, the Lionel Hanpton Jazz Festival in Idaho,the 

/ West Coast Jazz Festival, and Musicfest Canada which took place in Ottawa. The 

Junior Combo had its first performance at Ski Week and also competed at the West 

Coast Jazz Festival in April. 

— Mr. D. Gueulette 



Sarah, Mimi, Erin and Eoin are 
all set to play at the Rembrance 
Day service. 

Ted and Jack are experienced 
players in the Band. 

Leanne and Nicole wait their 
turn to perform. 



This year the Library consisted of only bright people: Anton Lecky, David 

Howson, Jeff Morton, Camille Shieh, Tyler Lunn, Jimmy Jung, Tyron Chaytors, 

and Gianni Landisio. Though we were few in numbers, it has been a great year. ^\^%^ 

We've taken Field trips to Duncan and Mill Bay to learn about an impossible system \. tJ& 

called "The Dewey System". Library is more of a service fine art. We generally put away ^v V/ 

books, log in new ones and do a lot of laminating — well, at least until the laminator broke >. ^^ 

down. Library is funny because we constantly find our selves re-alphebtising rows and shelves \ >f^ 

that we just finished doing last week. Also, there seems to be a never ending supply of books. For 

example, one day we had just finished re-covering a stack of books and we wereturning to leave when 

out came Mrs. Stroebel with another stack. Anyway, we kept up our good spirits and we would like to say 

thanks to Mrs. Stroebel for a great year. _. 

— Gianni Laudisio 

wr TfcJI Wamt 

I^HM^MHI^ ^P^™ '''II 

S Y ire n i Lii 

L wBiw 

^L ilJH^^^H 

k^ r^i iIp^^Sl 

m " "''Tim *~^ ' ^B^H&^sJSm'' 



«— m . ; z^W Hr_?? ' ' 

David and Gianni do some book 

Anton gets the job offding the 

Alejandro and Cameron sort out 
papers while Mrs. Stroebel bus- 
ies herself in the background. 

A word about chess. 

An old tradition has been revived and with the purchase 
of timer clocks, we now have a flourishing group of keen 
chess players. We have competed within the group but 
have also organized competitions with outside groups 
where we performed very well. Our most successful 
player was Jean-Paul Duplessis who walked away with 
a fine trophy for his efforts. We sincerely hope that the 
club will continue to thrive next year. 

— Mrs. G. Stroebel 





Tiles, chess sets, mobiles, soapstone sculptures and weird con- 
structions were all part of the Sculpture Fine Art experience! Group 
projects, like the small-creature clay tiles, produced by the Juniors 
proved that anyone can make amazing and artistic pieces. The off-beat 
sense of humour found in Senior Sculpture produced some amusing and lyri- 
cal art pieces like Brendan's buggy chess board and Paige's bumble bee mobile. 

— D. Rolston 

Brendan, Ian and Chris 
seem really happy with 
their Fine Art. 

Mr, Rolston introduces 
Brendan to the world of 

Will fakes sleep but 
Meagan is not fooled. 


Methodical and process-oriented,the students have to practice patience and 

precision to create some of those amazing products that you see adorning 

shirts or framed as prints. Hours of painstaking effort and attention to detail com 

bine with an eye for design to create such wonderful art products as Harvey's design 

of four rock icons ! Excellent T-Shirts have been designed by Tim Groot, Brad Johnstone 

and Dave Thompson. Zac Plavsic has used his windsurfing obsession as the motivation for 

his designs. It's nice to know that products from our studio are being worn and seen all over 

the world as Zac travels! 

— D. Rolston 

"This is how you mix the 
paints". Mr. Rolston teaches 
Brett a lesson. 

Derek's work needs total 

Harvey and his master- 




Students explored the techniques and learned the skills necessary to make some 

wonderful projects this year. The Juniors learned glass cutting quickly and no one 

needed the Band- Aids. Yoko, Whitney, Vincent, Ben, Kyle and Patrick joined the 

class in January and were soon creating their own designs. Griff, James, Patrick, Freddie 

Kelvin and Geoff were already well on their way into some interesting creations. The Seniors 

have become exceptional glass cutters. Serena likes to make 3-dimensional projects. Nathan is 

geometric by design and really likes tests. Nick likes to create his own gifts and YT finally came up 

with a lamp that he really liked! Cynthia is special. She likes everything to "look pretty". YTand 

Cynthia liked to clean up after classes too. It was a great year. Everyone had fun and learned a lot about 

glass. The Senior pizza party was again a hit! 

— Mrs. L. Shields 

BL*L i 

Nathan is completely engrossed 
in his design. 

Nick finishes soldering together 
his glass pieces. 

Serena needs to pay more 
attenton to Mrs. Shield's 

Y. T. focuses hard on his 

Geoff looks up from the task- 



The Photography Club has had a very busy beginning to the year. Over the summer 
major changes were done in the lab. A store room was renovated and shelves and 
storage bins installed. In the darkroom two much-needed enlargers were added. When 
registration for Photo took place in the fall the demand was far too great for the resources 
available. As a result we were very lucky to aquire the help of Mr. Hatch and an extra course 
was offered in the evenings. We now have forty-five students taking Photo: fifteen Juniors and 
thirty Seniors. The first assignment that was undertaken was the building and the use of a pinhole 
camera. This exercise allows for a good understanding of the way a camera works. Following this, 
beginning students learned how to operate their cameras, develop films and print the resulting negatives. 
Now that the club has learned some basics, our next phase will be to tackle some specific projects. They 
could include night photography, portraits, specific darkroom print manipulation skills, one or two field trips and 
a showing of students' work at the Cowichan Community Centre. 

— E. D etch on 





Mr. Hatch and Mr. Detchon 
appear to have switched "rolls' 

E a trill 

.jpjf _ _^ijK ' : "^j^tM 


■ • ^ %i^ 

■ 1 

1 lil V 

Jen is busy working with her 

Mr. Hatch demonstrates the 
squeegie method. 

Jordan and Junior pose their 
cameras for the camera. 





As usual, the students in textiles have been hard at work either learning the 
basics of weaving or refining their skills. The group is a talented mix of both 
Junior and Senior students. Setting up the looms is a challenge but once mastered, 
a world of creativity is opened up. Simple projects like belts and scarves are followed 
by more complicated ones such as blankets and clothing. Choice of colours and materials 
makes every creation distinct and individual. As the end-of-year Fine Art display shows, 
the wealth of talent is amazing, as are the items the students produce. Thanks are due to Mrs. 
Witt-McNie who provides the guidance and inspiration for the group. 

Heather works on a striped 

Fiona listens to Mrs. McNie's 
instructions about the yarn. 

Graeme considers what to do 
with his ball of wool. 

Kia is deep in concentration 
about the next step for her 




We had a running start (literally) to Outreach this year. The school participated in 

the Terry Fox Run in September and many staff and students took part in the Run for 

the Cure in Victoria in early October. In November, the Outreach members organized a 

coat and blanket drive and also busied themselves in preparation for International Week. In 

December the group held a spare change drive as well as a toy drive with all the donations 

being given to the local food banks in time for Christmas. The group plans to raise funds for the 

Heart and Stroke Foundation and Camp Goodtimes. We are also hoping to assist in a Blood Donor 

Clinic, a local Children's Fair and host a child-minding tent at the SLS Regatta in May. As usual, all 

Outreach Students assist in the Shawnigan Lake Community via volunteering in a variety of youth programs 

such as Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, coaching sport groups and after school daycare. The new touch this year 

— a personalized birthday card (with a candy) for each SLS student ! ! 

— Mrs.L.Carr 






w w 

^^^^H j |L ~*~^Bi 


>-w «P- ^B 1 l^L C--^ 






ll «l m 

\Sl^ ) 


i ^^| 



The Brownies love 

having Erin and Jess around! 

What a cute pair! Jess helps 
one of the girls 
with her reading. 

Zamain "towers" over his 
little friends. 



Home away from home! Well, perhaps not quite. However, it is difficult 
to imagine a Shawnigan institution that generates more loyalty than 
the House where you live. Very few of us want to change residences — 
perhaps it is the fear of the unknown or perhaps we just cannot be 
bothered to train up a different House Director. It is in the House where 
the closest friendships are forged, where most tears are shed and where 
the best memories are from. It doesn 't seem to matter whether your 
House has the smartest paint or lots of bathrooms or the biggest and 
most comfortable rooms (at least that's what Dux boys and K's girls 
say) — what matters is that your House has the BEST PEOPLE. 



Back Row: J. Boser, D. Ram, H. Nakagawa, N. Swetlikoff, B. Nadeau, G. Couser, P. Joslyn, W. Wheaton, J. Lee, J. Park. Second 
Row: S-B. Woo, A. Mitchell, K. Siu, S. Catte, D. Wilson, V. Champ, G. Moore, W. Main, W. Yap, H. Patricio, E. O'Dwyer. Third 
Row: T. Aylwin, K. Finucane, B. Rostrup, A. Rahimtula, T. Groot, C. Mclean, R. Cheek, C. Aylwin, D. Evans, H. Tsui. Fourth Row: 
N. Stavrakov, C. McLeod, N. Amies, A. Buchanan, J-P Du Plessis, I. Cooper, C. Cassin, M. Yen. Seated: P. Rokeby-Thomas, Mr. 
M. Hall, Mrs. B. Hall, Mr. B. Patel, Mrs. W. Patel, Mr. D. Tang, Mr. D. Rolston, M. Han. 


As the year comes close to an end, 
we would say that the Raiders had 
an extremely successful year. Be- 
ing the smallest boys' House on the 
campus, we often had disadvan- 
tages competing against big houses; 
however, we still manage to blow 
Lonsdale's off. The Juniors cer- 
tainly brought a hyperactive life- 
style and buckets full of enthusi- 
asm. In Grade 8, Justin leads the 
Asian connection consisting of 
Sung, Haruki, and Jason. Next we 
have the Grade 9's... Grif and Brock 
are conquering the world on the 

computer. We then move on to the 
10's. Walker, Steve, and Geoff are 
always a laugh. We also have the 
only black kid in the school- Vince. 
We have ourselves a great bunch of 
guys, who bring lots of energy to 
the house. Then the almighty Grade 
ll's... Whether Dylan is living in 
the world of Everquest or Chris is 
chasing after his girlfriend, these 
guys bring good times to the House. 
As for the rest of the boys, they have 
their share of individuality. As a 
whole, everyone from Grade 8 to 
12 has given lots to the House in 

the ways of fun, enthusiasm and 
pride. All of this combined, has 
given us a superb year and we owe 
a great deal to all of the duty staff 
and especially to Mr. and Mrs. 
Patel. Thank you boys for a great 
year. It took us almost a month to 
write this write-up because we 
wanted to make this special, but it 
turned out to be nothing special. 

— Mark Han & Paul Rokeby- 


Now who is giving advice to whom? 
Either way, nice hair guys! 

The Raiders 

Mark and Cameron in Victoria 





1 # * & 

I' J 

%**'" '* 

9 " •§•■. 



Back row: Mr. J. Dorland, C. Berg, B. Wang, I. Chin, B. Boshears, P. Evans, S. Laudisio, C. Young, J. Housser, J. Camp, A. Caron, 
J. De Montmorency, J.Y. Kwon, B. Excell, H. Richer, Third Row: D. Daigle, J. Spry, D. MacPherson, D. La Couvee, M. Evans, 
S. Zwickel, D.Hansford, E. Bouey, J. Scheske, J. Latimer, R. Caron, F. Harris, A. Chieh, D. Garg, B. Giovando, J. Luckhurst, S. 
Buchanan, R. Fraser, Mr. G. Smith, Seated: J. Lopez, G. Laudisio, M. Purtzki, S. Hein, G. Housser, Mr. J. Cumming, Mr. 
A Olsen, Mr. M. Felix, D. Howson, N. Janmohamed, B. Wills, C. Dodge, N. Mills, P. Sarkozi, B. Walker, Front: S. Von Stein, 
S. DeWitt.S. Reid,B. J. Caron, P. Sutcliffe, T. McLaugin, T. Drye, L. McLagan, D. Chen. 


If you're looking for the coolest, 
the smartest, the funniest guys 
in the world, then look at the 
faces on this page. None of 
these guys fit that description. 
These are the boys of Duxbury 
and although a good percentage 
of them do not wield superpow- 
ers, it is fun to look at them. This 
year Duxbury has really set a 
name for itself, having had its 
most sucessful year in all of its 
history. We couldn't have done 

it without our great House Direc- 
tor Mr. Felix and the hard duty 
work of Mr. Dorland, Mr. Smith 
and James Cumming, our Scot- 
tish import. We were also fortu- 
nate to have been joined by the 
Olsons who brought to the house 
their enthusiasm and dedication. 
Duxbury will not be the same 
next year without such excellent 
role models as Ben and Marcus. 
The house will miss the positive, 
friendly attitude of Gianni and 

the insightful, relevant com- 
ments of James Lopez. It will 
also be hard to forget, in non- 
alphabetical order: Sterling, 
Bryan, Dodge, Andrew, 
Naheed, Dave, Noah, Zac, Sven 
(Cletus) and myself. We've all 
had a great time and this house 
has served us well. As the Eng- 
lish people say in France, good- 
bye and farewell. 

— Graham Housser 

For more information on Duxbury (online 
bookstore) visit 


Sam takes great care with his sketch 

Back row: Mrs. L. Leary, Mrs. L. Grass, A. Gardiner, A. Chambers, C. Woo, E. Kothie, D. Schellenberg, E. Allan, E. Laudisio, L. Chung, 
D. Fang, J. Neat, Ms. Newns, Miss N. Smith Second row: Mrs. L. Carr, L. Nielsen, L. Pittana, S. Liu, S. Gale, P. Cameron, K. Duhamel, 
C. Brown, L. Tsai, E. Beach, A. Palubiski, J. Zurek, H. Rycraft, E. Springgay, C. Barnsley, N. Kenyon, K. Hay Seated: S. Brown, H. 
Campbell, K. Duthie, C. Soutzo Front row: K. Lafferty, K. Hutchison, J. McQuhae, M. Bolton, K. Shelley, F. Schellenberg, J. Horn, J. 
Stewart Missing: A. Camargo, M. Lee, W. Mclnnis, N. Sihota, P. Tsai, C. Yen. 


This year the girls have created a spir- 
ited, friendly, living enviroment in 
Groves' House. As a result, they have 
demonstrated a tremendouse amount 
of pride in their house and their "sis- 
ters". Because of their compassionate 
nature, Groves' has become the best 
house on campus; hence, we were 
paired with the most enthusiastic - and 
loyal - Brother House on campus: 
Lonsdales. Thank you for your con- 
stant surprises, and thoughtful, get 
togethers. In Groves', we will always 
remember the grade 8's and their need 
for stories of "true love." The grade 
9's have managed to "clean up" their 
act in the house and for this we are 
eternally thankful. Our Grade 10 'sand 

their "air" competions have always ap- 
pealed to our senses. While the Grade 
ll's have re-defined the shoe rule to 
include themselves! This year, the 
Grade 12's were a very diverse group 
of girls who have grown not only as 
individauls but together. As a result, 
the house has benefitted from their 
easy-going and unparalled enthusi- 
asm. Had it not been for our wonder- 
ful duty staff, we would not have had 
as great a year as we have. Mrs. Carr's 
Wednesday night "Temptation Island" 
sessions were purely for educational 
purposes (not to mention, they were 
"the only thing on!") Mrs. Grass kept 
the girls in line with her new guard 
dog, while Mrs. Leary always caught 

up on her gossip; however, Ms. Smith 
and Ms. Newns both deserve special 
mention. Their devotion, support, and 
dedication will not be forgotten and it 
is with great sadness that we watch 
them go. Groves' has been fortunate 
to have them leading the house and 
their presence will be greatly missed 
next year. Thank you both for your 
constant support and we wish you all 
the best in your new endeavours next 
year! Thank you so much for being the 
girls that you are. I will never forget 
you and please know that I will miss 
you all. Adios y buen suerte mis 

— Cara Barnsley 


Heather, Jill and Lisa show their Groves ' 

Katie and Stephanie work hard in class 
as well as in the house. 

if " Mrt 

Back Row: O. Burke, P. Mauriks, W. Brown, M. Evans, J. Chan Second Row: Mr. C. Staff, R. Bae, P. Chiang, R. Seok, B. Sampson, 

M. Wong, B. Johnstone, J. Lee, R. Lai, M. Kunzweiler, J. Tsai, E. Sun, L. Young Third Row: E. Nieto, J. Tinker, G. Cilliers, 

Mr. D. Hutchison, G. Loiselle, S. MacKenzie, P. Guelpa, C. Link, G. Fryers, J. Thome, J. Compston, R. Rich, D. Chong, Mrs. A. Martin 

Seated Row: J. Ayotte, M. Raven, F. Mullin, C. Wylie, J. D. Campbell, J. Tinker, M. Wyatt, S. Moser Front Row: A. Kazemi, 

S. Brenton, F. Klassen Missing: J. Brown, B. Felix, K. Geech. 


After three long years in Lonsdale's 
House I can say without a doubt that I 
wouldn't trade its crumbling walls for 
anything. The boys in Lonsdale's this 
year are among the most fun and spir- 
ited group I have ever met, and have 
proved time and time again that it is 
the people in it, not the house itself, 
that makes a place great. So what if 
we're a small house and can't bring in 
the big numbers in Inter-House com- 
petition. No one could ever have 
beaten us in heart. Where else do the 
juniors feel welcome in Grade 12's 
rooms or does a couch fit 10 people? 
We've had our ups and downs this year, 
but in our halls of stained green car- 

pet I've seen more laughs, victories 
and broken windows than any other. 
So here's to the grade 8's, the coolest 
and funniest kids ever. To the Grade 
9's, you guys never let me down. 
Here's to the Grade 10's, all 16 of you. 
From the quiet to the crazy ones, you 
were all great, tough as nails. I 
counted myself lucky that we got 
along. To the Grade 1 1 's, the most fun- 
loving guys in the school, you were 
always reliable and good to have 
around. I wish I could be here to see 
you next year. I know you'll make us 
proud. To the Grade 12's, one of the 
most random and best mixt of eight 

characters I can imagine. From a Ko- 
rean shoe-nazi to computer nerds, we 
had it all. Gair and Paul, I would never 
have guessed that a couple of guys 
who came to the school in Grade 1 1 
could have led the house with as much 
devotion as you have. Finally to 
"Hutch," and "Lozy," for the last two 
years you've been the heart of the 
house and have made it a wonderful 
place for us to live in. To the boys, 
good luck in the future. Remember to 
attack everything you do with passion. 
Stay proud. Cheers. 

— James Tinker 


Matt lets us know he likes his music. Mr. Loiselle shows us his wild side. 

Warren's off to class. 

Johnathan and Eric love wearing number 


. ^H 




— — ■ a^m 

M ,„ fl ng * 

• ' " f«i 4 . ■ ■>; ■ ■ 

n " >i w 

V'l^rOvVV", 5 » 

Tvt o,.i 

'Jr. A ". . " " " * v - tr " r 

■«. i» . ,.-■ <» .^--' - 

fiacA: Row: C. Combs, M. Constantin, S. Candelaria, D. Jackman, A. Lecky, S. Pride, K. Kittiampon, S. Rees, J. White, P. O'Mahoney, 
T. Thompson, N. Yoon, R. Chae, Mr. J. Connolly Second Row: Mr. D. Hyde-Lay, T. Ladner, J. Connolly, T. Kazama, E. Cheng, 
J. Shiah, M. Smith, R. Down, D. Malan, B. Bowell, J. Park, A. Pocock, D. Thompson, A. Parmar, J. Sharma, R. Carruthers, Mr. 
R. Filgate Seated: G. Shore, P. Rinehart, E. de la Mare, A. Chang, E. Pheasey, Mr. G. Anderson, Mr. D. Austin, Mr. R. Ash, M. Duncan, 
S. McCrady, H. Wallace, J. Chang, J. McCallum, J. Jung Front Row: I. Lim, K. Philippson, G. Funk, P. Mitchell, M. Liron, 
J. Germann, R. Nafissah, A. Burke. 


Out With The Old In With The New 

As the school year draws to a 
close, and the final tally of Inter- 
House points is announced, we 
the Lake's House boys will know, 
regardless of the the cup 
standings, what a great House 
we've got, and what a year we've 
had. It was a transitional year for 
the old boys, and a new begin- 
ning for the new. I would like to 
thank the following Grade 12's 
for the best year. Jimmy "G-block 
spare" Jung, Jim "Old Man" 
Chang, Jesse "Daishiki" 
McCallum, Harvey "Young one" 

Wallace, Alex "Gladiator" 
Chang, Mackenzie "Tree 
Hugger" Duncan, Graham "Pow- 
der" Shore, Scott "Rabid Yeti" 
McCrady, Patrick "Rhino" 
Rhinehart, and Erik "Rudy, Teen 
Wolf,etc" de la Mare. The follow- 
ing people have played an impor- 
tant role in making Lake's the 
way it is today. Pam and Lisa 
for keeping us in line, Mr. 
Connelly for riding a scooter 
around the house, Mr. Filgate for 
selling us non-stop chocolate 
bars, Mr. Hyde-lay "What's the 

scoop boys," Mr. Fun for putting 
a huge amount of effort into the 
house, and to Rob for taking on 
the role of punishing people. Mr. 
Austin, I understand it felt weird 
to come to a new environment. 
We appeciate what you have 
done for your first year as a 
House Director. The Grade 12's 
wish you and the House luck for 
the years to come. 

— Earl Pheasey 


Patrick Michell is gets ready for a year of The Grade 8's enjoy their time out with the 
push ups. Austin family. 

Jimbo and Tomoki look 
puzzled in the photo 


Back row: J. Pickering, J. McNair, J. Bowen, K. Brewer, A. Kamali, C. Bates Second row: M. Charleson, M. Bruce, K. Tweedie, Y. Chiang, 
K.Gustavson, C. Harrison, E.Tweedie, F. Dalrymple, J. Martindale, A. Chang Seated: Mrs. R. Hyde-Lay with Barbara, Mr. E. Detchon, 
L. MacLean, Ms. W. Woollven (and Ellie), M. Charleson, A. Quock, Mrs. M. Connolly, Mrs. G. Stroebel Missing: D. Ngai. 


Renfrew House, as everyone 
knows, is the smallest house on 
campus. With just twenty girls, 
we have grown very close. Our 
three energetic Grade 8's have 
made it so that there's never a 
dull or quiet moment. Our two 
Grade 9's have managed to keep 
everyone in the House laughing 
with their unique personalities. 
The seven Grade 10's keep us 
guessing what odd thing they're 
going to be up to next.The Grade 
1 l's have tried to take over the 

House a million times, but we man- 
aged to scare them into submis- 
sion. RenSchool's successes at 
Inter-House competitions have 
been incredible ( as usual) — a 
big thanks to School House! 
Thanks to Copeman's for being a 
great brother House and for tak- 
ing us out to dinner at the Keg! 
Mr. Detchon, don't let Derek take 
over too much. We love you. Mrs. 
Stroebel, thanks for your random 
stories. Mrs. Connolly, it's been 
great teaching you the rules. Don't 

get too power-happy. Mrs. 
Hyde-Lay, thanks for all the trivia 
nights and goodies. Miss 
Williams, we miss you. Ms. 
Woollven thanks for all your sup- 
port and for being an amazing 
House Director. Thanks to Lisa 
and Pam for sisterly advice and 
all the talks. A big thank you to 
all the girls (especially Missy and 
Alanna) for making this year so 
memorable. I love you all and 
wish you the best of luck next 
year. — Leanne MacLean 


Leanne and Missy have shared five years at Shawnigan 

Dawn, Fiona, Julie and Yvonne share a 
'together' moment in the house. 

H "^ 


* i $ 

\ I n 

i * v i 

l pJ 


Back Row: D. Caulder, A. Kreidie, A. Jaballa, S. Dembiske, E. Cheng, N. Bunting, D. Erickson, K. Petersen, C. Hamilton, J. Carson, 
P. Allard, Mr. D. Williams. Middle Row: Mr. S. Cox, B. Bergen, D. Cape, J. Feist, A. Chang, L. Fox, J. Roth, T. Chaytors, J. Morton, 
G. Johnston, J. Dew, K. Storer, Mrs. A. Martin, Mrs. C. Bell, Mr. A. Deane. Seated: E. Williams, D. Poling, B. Butler, M. Bhatti, 
T. Huang, T. Cape, Mr. R. Samuel, J. Kujath, E. Lecky, R. Davis, I. Macdonald, G. Birkbeck, H. Leighton, B. Tweedie. Front Row: 
D. Denk, P. Marsden, C. Lilley, R. Burke, K. Wang, C. Johnston, T. Lunn, A. Wong, S. Simmons, S. Scott, J. Roaf. Missing: 
F. Chong, K. Chong, D. Dakin, P. Hunter, A. Lin, R. Link, A. Nieto, E. Ross, S. So 


With fifty-plus boys living in 
one small house, sharing eight 
small showers, and four small 
couches, life can never be dull, 
and this year is no exception. 
From an extremely gritty 
Round-the-Lake Relay with 
some seriously injured guys 
running their hearts out, to our 
domination of skiing (again) 
and our surprise finish in bas- 
ketball, Ripley's is best charac- 

terized by heart this year. Not 
necessarily the most skilled at 
anything, the boys this year have 
always shown tremendous deter- 
mination in the face of large 
odds. A huge thank you is owed 
to the support of the always-help- 
ful duty staff of Mr. Cox, Mrs. 
Bell, Mrs. Martin, and Mr. 
Williams, as well as Pam and 
Lisa. Mr. Deane, with his con- 
stant vigilance and astounding 

sense of humour, is always 
there to lighten up the common 
room and keep the profanity in 
check. Mrs. Samuel's visits are 
a staple without which many of 
us would waste away. Finally, 
on behalf of all the boys in the 
house, diolch yn fawr Mr. 
Samuel for all the guidance, 
support and leadership this 
year. Cheers to the greatest 
house on campus! 

— Tony Cape 


Looks like a few of the boys went out for 
a slide in the rain. 

The Grade 11 's look sharp after a great 
Christmas dinner with Kaye's. 

Hardy shows off his good looks in his 


Back row: K. Le Huquet, S. Chu, H Davies, J. Miner, S. Yen, M. Gariepy, F. Sun, M. Gunter, A. Stuart, A. Bernard, S. Wu, A. MacMillan, A. 
Duthie, A. Bukojemsky Second Row: M. Batumalai, K. Rolston, T. Shiah, J. Poupard, C. Ho, K. Basskin, A. Gordon-Collins, M. McAvity, G 
Ritchie, S. Niemi, M. Rowley, A. Sutton, L. Macdonald, T. Barr, E. Shiozaki, H. Wong, C. Mejia, L. Roberge Seated Row: E. Bosenberg, J. 
Chu, N. Wang, P. Howson, E. Gordon, I. Houston, J. Vane, Mrs. E. Dalrymple, Mme. M. Boulais, M. Reuben, J. McGavin, M. Phillips, M. 
Wilson, C Shieh, S. Thiesson, K. Legun, J. Rolston Front Row: M. Hollingbury, J. Midgett, J. McCallum, B. Decorby G Reuben Missing: 
D. Gottlieb, N. Hill, H Shiels. 


Kaye's — by far the best girls' house 
on campus 

Throughout the year no one's been 
able to match us. 

At first our new girls seemed noth- 
ing but trouble 

But now they simply add life to 

Our duty staff to begin the week, 
Starts offMme.Boulais,who's far 
from meek. 

Not only for French help is she 

But we also thank her for being so 

Mrs. Robertson is here every Tues- 
day evening 
Ready to hear who's the newest 

couple dating. 

Wednesdays bring back our Mrs. 

Who's always prepared for math 
help and a great chat. 
Thursdays we're graced by our 
Planet Saving Man 
Mr. Noble: looking out for both us 
and any misplaced pop can. 
By saving the best for last, we end 
with Mrs. D 

Who's more caring and understand- 
ing than anyone could be. 
From Kaye's and especially our 
grade 12's we thank you 
For being everything to us and for all 
that you do. 
Ripley's, our brother house, this year 

has been great. 

From barbeques to movies and 

staying up late. 

To my Kaye's Grade 12's you've 

made my 3 years quite memorable, 

Especially this past year, it's been far 

from forgettable. 

To the girls for next year, keep the 

spirit alive, 

It's been wonderful but it's time to 

say good bye. 

— Jen Vane 


The smiles on Tammy, Florence and Katie 's Holly and Joanne enjoy having a picture taken 
faces show the Kaye s House Spirit. together. 

Back row: Mr. J. Sarsfield, B. Yoon, D. Yole, S. Jacobson, E. Erickson, J. Tung, N. Down, M. Symington, K. Ashmore. Second row: 
K. Hagedorn, Y. Minoda, C. Althouse, D. Omelchenko, J. Ellis, C. Yole, K. Heaton, A. Beecroft, C. Pidlaski, J. Jackson, J. Pennington, 
T. Neff, Ms. K. Freeman. Seated: S. Chang, C. Goupil, C. Basarab, Ms. J. Boyce, Mrs. A. Stapff (with Alec), C. Althouse, 
L. El-Guebaly, R. Brade. Missing: L. Tink. 


School House has a wonderful 
group of girls this year, with each 
grade contributing equally to the 
house's rambunctious atmosphere. 
Maybe it's the permanent smell 
of the cafeteria that makes us the 
way we are... but I doubt it. What 
other House goes out to dinner 
and comes back with the wait- 
er's phone number on a napkin. 
Who takes off in the middle of 
the night to Victoria, or uses their 

roomate's toothbrush for "clean- 
ing ". Bike rides to Mason's dur- 
ing quiet hour, ice cream from 
Mrs. Stapff when we're upset, 
ghost hunts, singing and yelling, 
phone calls from the Grade 9's; 
what more could you ask for? 
These are only a very few memo- 
ries that School House shares 
when all 27 of us pile into the 
common room. Though there are 
many memories, my favourite 

will always be the smiles and 
cuddles, and how the girls are 
always willing to support each 
other... because they're School 

— Courtenay Althouse 

"When I get the urge to exercise, I 
lie down and let it pass" 
— anonymous Gr.9 


Kris tine and Danielle have obviously become 
Keep your eyes on those scissors, Elizabeth, good friends in the House. 

■J % n 

Mi i 

A f 1 

#k ^ ^ J 

Hr . 


Tanya pauses to find inspiration for her art 

Sarah, Meagan, Kathleen and Nathalie ham 
it up before heading out for the evening. 



Well, we are a school and much as some would like to have "Club Shaw " without 
classes, it just isn 't possible! Even if it was, most of us would probably miss our 
academic study. Academic courses not only provide us with the necessary skills 
to pursue the careers that we wish to follow, they also broaden our horizons and 
deepen our understanding of our world. At Shawnigan, we are lucky to have 
small classes and lots of facilities. We also have the benefit of a great variety of 
teachers of different ages and backgrounds who expose us to a necessary mix of 
teaching styles. Shawnigan graduates have been known to say that they didn 't 
really appreciate their teachers here until they were at University! Let us 
remember that an education is something precious and that apriviliged education 
such as ours is something to be particularly thankful for. Deep down, we probably 




We would like to recognize everyone who has contributed to the smooth running of the school — from teach- 
ing staff to admnistrators, medical and office personnel and maintenance, catering and housekeeping staff. It 
takes a large number of people to make a school like Shawnigan successful. We tried to provide several oppor- 
tunities for photos and we are sorry if you do not find your photo on these pages. We realize that, with the 
business of life here, not everyone can turn up for every photo-op. On behalf of the student body, the Yearbook 
staff would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who works here. 

Dress-Down day 

Once the students have left the 

campus, the teachers really kick 

back. You'd never think that 

they'd just come out of an 

academic meeting. 

Mr. C. Stapff Mrs. G. Stroebel Mr. M. Swiednicki Mr. D. Tang 

Medical Staff: Mrs. C. Buchan, Mrs. J. Richards, 
Dr. M. Model, Ms. J. Asboth. 

Mrs. E. Towner Mr. D. Williams Ms. W. Woollven Mr. P. Yates 



tfl 7/ Aii ^H ■! iU 

Mr. D.Austin Mrs. C. Bell Mrs. L. Buss Mr. S. Candelaria Mr. J. Connolly Mrs. M.Connolly Mr. S. Cox 


Mr. A. Deane Mrs. C. DeBeck Mrs. R. Dolman Mr. J. Dorland Ms. L. Favor Mr. R. Filgate Mr. L Fraser 

A * IJL 



Ms. K. Freeman Ms. M. Goncalves Mr. R. Grass Mrs. L. Grass Mrs. B. Hall Mr. M. Hall Mrs. N. Hooper 

hm A 


Mr. S. Housser Mr. D. Hutchison Mr. D. Leary Mrs. E. Leary Mr. G. Linn Mrs. C. Macpherson Mrs. B. Marshall 




Mrs. A. Martin Mrs. L. Martin Mrs. D. Neff Ms. S. Newns Mr. S. Noble Mr. A. Olson Mr. G. Ouellette 

Mrs. J. Piatt Mr. R. Samuel Mr. D. Robertson 

Mr. D. Rolston Mrs. A. Ruttan & 
Ms. J. Neilsen 

Mr. J. Sarsfield 



«-T?.,. i * l fc„fS^lBiK,i rfil* 

-<'-i*t,..t - 

It is my great pleasure to have this opportunity to contribute to a publication that each year engenders great excite- 
ment and emotion as it tries to give a flavour of the rich concoction of moments that go to make up the Shawnigan 
experience. As I try to get used to my new role, which has taken me away, more than I wanted it to, from the 
multitude of daily interactions that are the fabric of life at Shawnigan, I realize that I am increasingly concerned with 
the future, and the securing of that bright future that we all want for the school. Trying to provide the best boarding 
school education and experience available anywhere is a lofty goal, but that indeed is our aim. We will not achieve 
it without the combined efforts of many; we will fail without teamwork. The many fine facilities provide only the 
setting. The truly precious parts, the jewels, are the attitude and approach of the students and staff. Shawnigan will 
always be about people above all else. When we stop caring about the individual then it is time to close up shop and 
move on. However, we've no intention of moving anywhere other than continually forward. There is no destination, 
just a thoroughly fufilling journey. 

— Mr. D. Robertson 

Mr. Robertson and Mr. Linn both 
have big smiles while they watch 
the Wilber crew run. 

Mr. Robertson takes time out of 
his day to "chill" with Brad. 

Being the Headmaster of 
Shawnigan, Mr. Robertson has to 
pretend to like rugby. 



Pixie is eager to shout out the It looks like both Mr. Fraser and 
answer. Kia are stumped. 

Suprisingly the two Copeman's 
boys are working. 

Math — the subject everyone has to take. It is a breeze 

for some students and a pain for others. Whichever you 

are, you are sure to have been doing math for at least 

eight years or more. The fact remains that we all will use 

math to some extent during our lives. Fortunately today, 

although much of the learning is just like it was 100 years 

ago, we have some aids and methods to make things easier 

and more fun. Junior Math uses algebra tiles, similar to 

lego, to help develop skills; and the introduction of the 

graphing calculator in Senior grades has changed how 

students do their learning. It is rumored that Howie D. 

even brought Toby Felix to help in class one day and 

Jamie Housser thought that jumping out the window was 

a good way out. Perhaps it could be rabbits next to help 

with multiplication. 

— Paul Rokeby-Thomas 


A customer's view of the "new" English 9 

This year most of the Grade 9 students have enjoyed the new system of having three teachers in the year rather than just 
one. One student (not me!) said that it was good because you can soon get rid of a teacher you don't like -just joking , 
because all the teachers are really, really great and will probably give me an "A" when they read this! Mr. Deane is the 
Dean of Shakespeare and teaches at least two plays to a section. The Merchant of Venice is a favourite. Mr. Detchon 
teaches Short Story and Poetry and this is a popular section that incorporates the use of the Internet as well as reading 
and writing. Those with hearty appetites like Ms. Bell's section on writing skills and the Novel. Read five novels and 
you get a pizza! Maybe it will be difficult for us to get used to just one teacher in Grade 10. 

-Sean Scott 

Sung and Jimmy are deep into 
their English class. 

Laura seems to be off track and 
her guest seems well into it. 

Jenny and Asha are eager 
English students. 

Everyone loves English, eh 




■•■■-■■-■■■■ - -■;. ■-■- :-■: ■■■:■ 

What's New in Languages 


Language is always in a state of flux and the same can be 
said of the teaching of language. Methods change and we 
try to adapt to meet these changes. The newest addition to 
the department is a state-of-the-art media system which 
functions, among many other things, as a language lab.This 
has proved to be more of a challenge to the teachers than 
the students and we are still feeling our way. There is no 
doubt, however, that it opens up a lot of exciting possibili- 
ties. Meanwhile, the more traditional, tried-and-true teach- 
ing continues and we hope that the combination will lead 
to the development of some good young linguists. In this 
world of ever-shrinking borders and world travel, it is even 
more important to understand other people's cultures and 
to have an appreciation of other languages. 

— Mrs. E. Leary 

John and Christina enjoy their 
Spanish class. 

The three devils, Serena, 
Rebecca and Hailey, seem 
happy for once. They were 
pretty pleased with their 
performances in "Le diable et le 
champignon ", 

Sean and Mariel perform their 
oral presentation. 




It is always difficult to write about socials in a few words because the subject covers so many different facets. The 
curriculum ranges from general social studies in the Junior Grades to high-level Senior courses such as AP European 
History and Geography 12. Opinions on socials studies may vary, but lots of students had success in learning and 
having fun at the same time. It is a diffucult task for teachers, but the socials studies staff this year proved that it can be 
done without too much stress. Each student managed to learn something and quite a few managed to enjoy themselves 
with the curriculum this year. 

— Adrienne Macmillan 

Ty, Walker, Sergio and James 
prove to Fiona that boys will be 

Jeffs attitude seems to be 
lacking energy for Ms. 
Martin in Junior Socials. 

Jenny scoffs at the thought of reading any more World History. 

Dawn obviously knows what she's working on, but poor Patty shows 
how confused he is. 


1ir,\-. : -i.-:4fi}~;. $■■£■■? ;% ■■-. 

Electives give the students a choice of classes, all the way 
from band to art to stage-craft. They provide all the lowly 
juniors with a chance to see what they want to do when 
they become seniors. Each elective is a way for students 
to express themselves and have a choice in what they want 
to do, instead of the normal subjects. This teaches them to 
delve into the world of arts and explore their talents, in- 
cluding music, stage, woodworking and band. It's a relief 
for students to have the freedom to choose what they want 
to do and to have fun during the classes that they want to 
be in. 

Erica busies herself with finding 
pictures for her next art project. 

Arman is caught by surprise as he 
works on his art project. 

Students in the Stagecraft course 
get some hands-on experience by 
constructing and painting the set 
for the Musical. 


From human anatomy to stars, science at Shawnigan Lake School gets better every year. With the new Shaw centre, 
students can explore further into the world of science than ever before. The subject is great in demand from universities 
and opens new doors to many careers. The salmon hatchery program has been a success, as usual, and is proud of its 
dedication to Mr. Mark Hobson, a former teacher, who formed the program about 15 years ago. Another great trip to 
Bamfield with Biology 1 1 happened in March, while the planning for the Grade 8 "boat trip" starting in Bamfield, is 
still in progress.The school continues to take part in the 'Globe' program, a website in which data such as temperature 
and rainfall is entered and compared to other countries. We are one of the major contributors from Vancouver Island. 

— Nathalie Down 

Chris, Meagan and Sean 
love swimming with the 

Eric and Hong work intently on 
builing their spaghetti bridges in 

Dave and Liam find it so hard to Ray seems to be the only one find- 
hold back their excitement in sci- ing Grade 1 Science funny. 
ence class. 



Dave, Graeme, Ben and Ken "Excuse me! can't you see I'm 
come together to check their an- busy with my microscope!" says 
swer in physics. Megan. 

Paige looks very 
professional as 
she "concentrates' 
on her titration. 

Mr. Austin just 
doesn't unders- 
tand how his 
students don't 
find science as 
much fun as he 


Up in the mountains 

Dylan represents Copeman's 
House the cross-country race. 

lain and Tim hike out of 
Manning's backcountry. 

Oliver gets ready to head back 
to the cabin. 

Corinne takes a time out duringV 
the down hill ski race. 

Jim chisels away at the Lake's House griffin. 


Sara, Pauline, Danielle and 
Sergio get ready for the day up 
at the hill. 

Alanna catches up to Ian for 
the sunny ride down. 

Every year the whole of Shawnigan Lake Scool heads 
to Manning Park for a week of skiing and 
snowboarding. It is definitely the most exciting week 
of the year. Ski week includes many events, from ski 
races to nightly activities, but probably the most fun 
of the week is being able to ski with your friends. 
The hill offered a snowboard and ski instuctor's course, 
which certified a few students as instructors. The night 
-ly music was once again very entertaining. It was a 
fantastic week up at the mountain. It seems as though 
every year we get a fresh load of snow to give us the 
best the mountain has to offer. Thank you to all the 
Shawnigan Lake staff that contributed to the succes 
of Ski Week 2001. 

— Erik de la Mare 



Grade 8 Perspective 

For the Grade 8's, Ski Week was, of course, a whole 
new thing and we found it a great way to boost moral in 
the middle of the year! A lot of us got a real taste for 
the Ski Week spirit. I don't know one person who didn't 
have fun. The best part for me was when I was 
snowboarding down a black run, really motoring, when 
I came around a corner and nearly hit Mr. Robertson 
who was snowshoeing up the hill with a dog! My part- 
ner, Patrick Mitchell found this pretty funny. The Jun- 
iors found the accommodation in the Lodge very 
comfortabe and we really appreciated our stay at the 
Resort. Most of us liked the food that was made for us, 
but we were sometimes just too tired to go to all meals. 
The evening activities kept us pretty busy and most of 
them were fun. Ski Week was a very good way to start 
2001 and it is definitely something to look forward to 
next year. 

— Greg Funk 

Mariah and Julie spend time in 
the sun while watching the ski 

Caleb drums his best during 
the band's nightly show. 


Heather and Allison really enjoy the outdoor weather. 


Wince sings solo during the 

Mariana heads to the top of the 
bunny hill, by riding the t-bar. 

After a day of skiing Tammy 
and Anthony play a game of 
Jenga back at the lodge. 






— 134 






Samantha Wu (Gr. 10) 


Eric Cheng (Gr. 11) 

m SteL-*i? J 


Mackenzie Duncan (Gr. 12) 

Junior Ayotte (Gr.ll) 


Ed gets his hair fixed. 

Joe and Natalie make a 
striking pair. 

Walker Main, all dressed 


Blake gets into his part. 




Go, go, go Joseph! And in April, the show will go on at Cowichan Theatre, under the direction of the talented 
Ms. Sue Newns and with the musical expertise of Mr. Stephen Shields. Unfortunately, since our book has to go 
to print in early April, we can only give you a preview of what is to come. However, if past years are a guide, this 
show will be another great success and a culmination of many hours of hard work by students and staff alike. The 
choice of Joseph provides quite a contrast to the last two years' selections ("The King and I" and "Fiddler on the 
Roof) and showcases the talents of Lani El-Guebaly as the narrator and Jesse MacCallum as Joseph. Joe 
Luckhurst was chosen to play all three roles of Pharaoh, Potiphar and Jacob. A production like this requires 
endless hours of preparation and practice, not only on the part of the actors but also from the stage crew, make- 
up artists and set-designers. On behalf of all the Shawnigan community, we would like to say thankyou to every- 
one involved for your effort in providing us with what will surely be several excellent evenings of entertain- 

— The Yearbook Staff 

Mimi dresses Jesse's hair, 
ready for the photo- 

Lani gets the finishing 
touches on her make-up. 

The brothers, Tony, Kiel and 
Dick, prepare to dispose of 


The Year of Snake, 200 1 , symbolizes shrewd dealings, planning, and searching for an- 
swers. In celebrating this arrival of this "shrewdly" planned year, the students went to the 
Don Mee Restaurant in Victoria on the 28th of January. There was an enormous amount 
of food served almost every ten minutes. After our delicious dinner, we went to the Gladiola 
Restaurant to continue with a karaoke session. Mimi Lee, Eric Cheng, Melvin Wong, 
Tammy Shiah, Daphne Fang, Erin Bosenberg, Jason Kujath, Jesse MaCallum and Jen 
Vane were the karaoke kings and queens for the night. Finally, we had to leave around 
9:30pm to head back. The night was amazingly successful, and owes a lot to Mr. Hyde- 
Lay, Alex Chang and Ted Huang for organizing the whole event. A special thanks to all 
the staff and students who made the night so special and remarkable. 

- Charmaine Ho 

Jim enjoys the food as he points 
out at the upcoming dishes. 

Camille and Melvin entertain the 
audiences with their wonderful 

The Caucasian students share the 
special Chinese New Year with 
the Asians. 

Mimi and Erica enjoy the 
Karaoke session. 



Every year in the month of February, over 12 000 high school and college students converge on the 
little town of Moscow, Idaho for one of the largest competitive jazz festivals in North America. Now 
in its 34th year, the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival consists of four days of instrumental and vocal jazz 
competition, as well as concerts and workshops featuring some of the finest professional jazz players 
in the world, all taking place on the University of Idaho Campus. This year, two groups from the 
school took part in the festival. The Senior Jazz Band, made up of students from Grades 10 to 12 
played extremely well and received very positive feedback from the adjudicators. Competition was 
very heavy (3 1 bands) and, unfortunately the group did not place in the top three. The Senior Jazz 
Combo put on a great performance and managed to place third overall in their division. This came as 
a pleasant surprise to everyone, but most of all to me, who failed to turn up at the awards ceremony to 
pick up the trophy (oops!). All students and staff had a great time and learned a lot about jazz. We 
look forward to returning to the festival in the future. 

- Mr. D. Gueulette 

The students love the Lionel 
Hampton festivial. 

Mr. Gueulette is pleased with 
the band's performance. 

Jack and Scott warm up for their 
song before the actual snow. 

Ms. Boyce is excited to be photo- 
graphed with the well-known Jazz 
singer Lou Rawlf. 


Trey, Arman and Sam learn the meaning of school spirit. 


Mr Fun shows off his stuff. 

Anton, Brad, Shayne and Tim look very pretty during the 
cross-dressing dinner. 



We hope Laura can handle these two young chicks. 

Spirit Week was an exciting change of routine 
for the school to take part in. With the help of 
some enthusiastic Grade 12's, the week was 
started off with a fashion show to display the 
many different themes for the week. The first 
day was Hawaiian day. The entire school was 
decked out in colourful Hawaiian leis and 
bright shirts. We then had twin Tuesday, where 
we could spend the day dressed exactly the 
same as a friend. This was followed by dress 
up day, where we showed off our best, and 
dress down day, which gave us a chance to 
wear casual clothes. The boys, or "girls", 
seemed to enjoy the cross-dressing dinner and 
all showed up in their nicest outfits! Some of 
the highlights of the week included the grad 
polar bear swim, which consisted not only of 
watching all the grads jump into the lake, but 
also a raffle to throw Mr. Robertson into the 
lake; and a grad auction and grad slave day, 
which enabled a handful of lucky students to 
control certain grads for a day. The week cul- 
minated on the last day, when everyone sup- 
ported the Senior Boys' and Senior Girls' bas- 
ketball games in Black and Gold. The entire 
school showed great spirit and enthusiasm 
throughout the week. 

— Jenny Rolston and Calin Soutzo 

The big guys on campus show their school 
pride on black and gold day. 

The grade 12 's look their finest at dinner. 





The Grad class is made up of a great variety of people, each from his or her own 
world. But each different perspective has added up to another world, that of the 
Grad class. The grads have each found a niche in the world of Shawnigan, 
whether it be through musical gifts, artistic talents, academic abilities or athletic 
skills. Grade 12 is a difficult and demanding year, but it is also one full of 
enjoyment and memory-making. From the core of 26 grads who have been here 
since Grade 8, to those who arrived new this year, the class has continued to 
grow, not only in numbers but in strength. Each new year brought students who 
were scared, excited, willing or unwilling to be here. Through the years, a bond 
has been formed and our world has been created. We will each take a part of 
this life with us as we venture out into the world beyond Shawnigan. 

— Jenny Rolston 



Courtenay Althouse 

Nanaimo, BC 

School, 5 Years 

Head of House 
School Prefect 
Captain of Field Hockey 
Captain of Basketball 

How is five years wrapped up in words? 

How have some made me smile 

while others have made me learn? 

A handful of you have touched my face 

felt the creases of my skin 

saw below my language and behind my grin. 

You became my pillow, a soft place to rest my head 

names not need be spoken nor your faces be shown. 

You 've captured me and that you should know. 

Thank you Mum and Dad for everything you've done for me. I 
am the person I am today because you cared. Thank you School 
House, Colby and Mrs. Stapff for teaching me about others and 
myself. Serena you've been a brilliant roommate for the last four 
years. I'll miss not being with you. The rest of you know who you 
are, thank you, it's been an experience. 

"Words can never express what words can never express. " Ashleigh Brilliant 

II ' 

Nathan Amies 

Rossland, BC 
Copeman 's, 3 years 
Senior House Prefect 

I would like to thank my parents and grandparents for sending me 
to this school, it has been a great experience, and will be very 
valuable towards my future. Good luck, Skye, in your upcoming 
years at Shaw, and good luck Anna. I hope that your stay here is 
enjoyable and fulfilling. I had a great time here and a lot of laughs. 
Thanks Andrew, Chris, Royce, JP, Big Dave, Paul, Mark and 
Courtenay. Without you guys, Shaw wouldn't have been as fun. 
Thanks again to everyone at Shaw. It has been a great three years 
and it is a memory I'll never forget. 

"Hey Mr. Wyatt, get back to the attic!!'.!!" 

Trevor Aylwin 

Portland, OR 
Copeman 's, 4 years 
House Prefect 

Cara Barnsley 

Whistler, BC 
Groves ' 3 years 
Head of House 

"Even if you are on the right track, you '11 get run over if you just sit 
there. " Will Rogers 

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I 'm 
not sure about the former. " Albert Einstein 

First, I would like to thank my parents. This year would not have 
been complete without the love, and encouragement, I have re- 
ceived from them. Thank you for always being there for me. My 
time at Shawnigan has been a valuable, and lasting, experience. 
Over the years, I have developed many strong friendships that I 
know will stay with me forever. As space is limited, I will not name 
you all. You know who you are. I would also like to thank my 
roommates, Steph and Allison, for being my lifelines all year. This 
year in Groves' House has been unparalleled and I will miss every 
one of you; however, I will miss Ms. Newns the most. Thank you 
for your compassion and understanding. 

"Live like there s no tomorrow, love like you 've never been hurt, and 
dance like no one 's watching. " Anonymous 

"No man ever yet became great by imitation. " SamuelJohnson 

Class of 2001 


Chelsea Basarab 

Victoria, BC 
School, 5 years 
Deputy Head of House 

I remember how apprehensive and nervous I was when I first 
came through the front gates; and now five years later, how I feel 
the same way. It has definitely been a memorable five years. I 
never expected that leaving would make me so nervous and happy 
at the same time. But I am ready to explore the world on my own 
two feet. I would like to thank everyone who ever helped me 
along the way. I never could have done it without you! But I am 
most grateful to my wonderful parents and sister, who were al- 
ways there for me even when I didn't know it. I am in eternal debt 
to Holger; I cannot begin to express my gratitude and grateful- 
ness to you. You have always been there for me. The memories 
we shared will never be forgotten. 

Michael Bhatti 

Campbell River, BC 
Ripley s, 5 years 
House Prefect 

It amazes me that I've been here for 5 years. That's over a thou- 
sand days. That's a lot of time to accumulate memories. That 
makes a lot of wrinkles on my brain. I would like to thank the 
following people for helping me out while I was here. My parents 
for giving me this opportunity by sending me here. My roommate 
of two years and friend for a million, Ian, thanks for helping me 
stay in check. To the band, thank you for being my saviour from 
the outside world. To Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, thank you for being 
my parents away from home. And to all those that help put memo- 
ries in my head, thank you. 

"It 's 1 06 miles to Chicago. We 've got a tank full of gas and half a pack of 
cigarettes. It's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it. " 

The Blues Brothers 

Griffith Birkbeck 

Victoria, BC 
Ripley 's, 3 years 
House Prefect 

The three years I've been here have been filled with emotional 
ups and downs, some of which I couldn't have gotten through 
without the help of my buddies. Thank you to all those who 
helped me along the way, especially my old people (parents) for 
never pressuring me to be something I'm not, while still giving me 
an extra kick in the butt when I needed it. Thanks to all the guys 
in the House. After living with you for three years you've made 
living with my parents bearable. 

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something 
completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. " 

Douglas Adams 

"There comes a time within everyone to close your eyes to what's real. " 

Philip Anselmo 

Erin Bosenberg 

Fort St. James, BC 

Kaye s, 3 years 
House Prefect 

It has found us / the end of our last year / our words have been 
placed /carefully / our minds dissect / as we pick and prod / at 
letters that will last / Whispers run through these pages / slide 
and sink / into a bed of gloss / soft whispers that grow / 
crescendoes that increase / with each moment / We have found 
our song / it will be loud and bold / Words dance beside bright 
faces / eyes scrunch up at their corners / Some will cry / rolling 
down skin like silk / sucked into collars, salt water stains / 
white / backs no longer ache / the weight has been lifted / our 
restraints will be our own / hear our whispers and wish us well 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that 
we are powerful beyond measure. It is not just in some of us. It s in 
everyone. " Nelson Mandela 


Class of 2001 

Rebecca Brade 

Revelstoke, BC 
School, 3 years 
House Prefect 

First, I'd like to thank my parents for all their love and support. 
Without you, these last three years would never have become a 
reality. To Mrs. Stapff, who always believed in me; thanks, I did 
it! Mr. Gueulette, what can I say? You were always there for me, 
keeping my head above water. Thank you - without you I would 
never have made it through. To Nat and the rest of the group, it's 
been fun. Always remember Hawaii, Rio's and walks in the forest. 
To all my girls in School House, I'll miss you, and I love you all. 

" What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner. " 


Stephanie Brown 

North Delta, BC 
Groves ' 2 years 

House Prefect 

First and foremost I would like to thank my parents for dishing 
out the cash to send me to Shawnigan and also just for being 
there when I needed them. To all my friends inside and outside of 
Groves' house, thanks for all the great memories. I would espe- 
cially like to thank Chanty, Erin, Jill, Kara and Heather for always 
being there for me, and for all the fun times. I got you back guys. 
Tina, thanks for always making me laugh, even at the hardest 
times. Last but not least, Warren, I would have never made it 
without you, before and during Shawnigan. Thanks for being 
there when no one else was. Peace. I'm out. 

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. "Albert Einstien 

"I believe that everything you do bad comes back to you. So everything 
that I do that s bad I'm going to suffer for it. But in my heart, I believe 
what I'm doing is right. So I feel like I'm going to heaven. " 

Tupac Shakur 

Andrew Buchanan 

Nanaimo, BC 

Copeman s, 3 years 

Senior House Prefect 
House Sports Captain 

Benjamin Butler 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 
Ripley s, 5 years 
House Prefect 

I owe this whole experience to my parents, whose drive, determina- 
tion, and immense sacrifices got me where I am today. Shawnigan 
has made me into the person I will be for the rest of my life. Thanks 
to Mr. Austin and basketball, where I learned about hard work, 
toughness, intensity, and determination. Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Patel 
for being my guidance through this unforgettable journey. Thanks 
to Ms. Newns for discovering a talent in me I have never encoun- 
tered before. Thanks to my brother for always being there and 
believing in me until the end. Thanks to my closest friends, includ- 
ing my roommate Chris, for his guidance and support. To the raiders 
of Copeman's house, best of luck in the future! As the Shawnigan 
experience comes to an end, my memories will live forever. 

"Dream as if you '11 live forever. Live as if you '11 die today!" 
"Seok, shut up and work! " S. Cox 

Class of 2001 

First off, I'd like to thank all my friends at Ripley's and Kaye's. 
Special thanks to Liz for always being there for me. I'd also like to 
give special thanks to Jess, I have spent the greatest times of my 
life with you. Thanks to my roommate, Brendan, for keeping me 
entertained during prep. I'd also like to give a mad shout out to 
Mr. Gueulette for teaching me my passion and to all those people 
who made my stay here at Shaw more enjoyable. Lastly, I'd like to 
thank the School and Mr. Samuel for giving me a second chance 
when I needed it the most. For all those people who thought I was 
a little weird, stop following others and create your own path. 

"I analyse every second I exist, beating up my mind every second with my 
fist" Fred Durst 


Heather Campbell 

Thunder Bay, ON 
Groves ' 4 years 
House Prefect 

My four years at Shawnigan was an experience that has made a 
huge impact on my life. It has helped me to grow and find the 
knowledge to succeed. Dad and Brenda, thanks for making all 
this possible and believing in me every step of the way. To my 
roomies, you guys are the best and I honestly couldn't have done 
it without you. To Pixie and Steph, I'll miss you tons! Thanks to 
everyone else who has helped me to grow and become the per- 
son I am today. I leave with many unforgettable memories and 
friendships that I will cherish in my heart forever. 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. " 

Les Brown 

"1 didn't do it!!!" 

Kia Duthie 

Tony Cape 

West Vancouver, BC 

Ripley's, 3 Years 

Head of House 
School Prefect 

First off, thanks to my parents for everything; you've given me 
opportunities I never would have thought possible. Jason and Ken, 
so many memories, so little space. To everyone at Go Home: 
thanks for all the summers. Chris and Dave, stick it through; you're 
almost there. Ripley's - keep the torch held high. Jesse, our trip to 
the library and one broken nose will keep me smiling for years. 
Finally, Carly, where to start? Your constant love and devotion 
has meant the universe to me over these past two years. Thank 
you for all you've taught me; I love you too. These three years 
have been a roller coaster I wouldn't trade for the world; 
Shawnigan - it's been a ride. 

"If you can fill the unforgiving minute 

With sixty seconds 'worth of distance run - 

Yours is the Earth and everything that s in it, 

And- which is more - you '11 be a man my son " Rudyard Kipling 

Alex Chang 

Shanghai, China 
Lake 's, 4 years 
Senior House Prefect 

To the ones who cared, many thanks. For the ones who loved, we 
shall keep in touch. Four years have gone past, many bonds and 
memories have been made. Lake's House will never be replaced, 
thanks to the boys and the spirit of Lake's. Special thanks to my 
advisor, Mr. Patel. Thanks for all the support and understanding, 
it was a rough but great journey with you. Farewell, and good 
luck to all. 

"Life goes on " Anonymous 

"One may conquer in battle a thousand times a thousand men yet he is 
the best conqueror who conquers himself 

Siddhattha Gotama (Buddha) 

Jim Chang 

Taipei, Taiwan 

Lake 's, 5 years 
House Prefect 

I would like to express my greatest appreciations to Mom and 
Dad for theor effort and support. And to my younger brother, 
Ryan, you leave me speechless. Thanks to the friends who gave 
me memories through the years for which I will be forever grate- 
ful. The incredible experiences I have been through during this 
time will be treasured and never forgotten. Best wishes to the 
graduation class, the polished diamonds. 


MB ' R'WWM > ^r^m 


Class of 2001 

Serena Chang 

Shanghai, China 

School, 4 years 
Senior House Prefect 

These last few years that we 've been through /So much has happened; 
we 're long overdue / To go back and take a very good look 
And flip through the pages of our old yearbooks 

On that first big day: life in Shawnigan / We found all our books, moving 
station to station /Feeling nervous, apprehensive, and so out of place/ 
We met our new classmates, at last face to face 

The time has come to go our own separate ways I As life stretches out 
before us like a maze / The future is out there, beyond our small scope / 
While the years to come shine brightly with hope 

Thanks to Mum and Dad for making the right choice for me; and all 
those I had the privilege to be close friends with, I love you all. To 
Courtenay, thanks for being a wonderful roommate for the last four 
years, I love you more; you helped me a lot, thank you so much. To 
Nicole, thanks a hundred times and you are a great friend, love ya! 
To Jen and Aisha, good luck next year and I will sure miss you two. 

Missy Charleson 

Hot Springs Cove, BC 

Renfrew, 5 years 

Deputy Head of House 
Captain of Volleyball 
House Sports Captain 

My years at Shawnigan have been the longest and shortest years 
of my life. 1 would firstly like to thank my parents for selflessly 
making the sacrifices to create a better future for me by sending 
me to Shawnigan. Those who inspired me to try harder, Mrs. 
Patel, Mrs. Hyde-Lay, and others, I thank you. Many experiences 
here have created the person I am now. Thanks to all of my 
coaches, I'll never forget the lessons of teamwork. Leanne, we're 
the first five year Renfrewers, love ya babe. Good luck to every- 
one in Renfrew next year, my sisters (especially you, Mariah). I'm 

"You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm " Colette 

David Chong 

Powell River, BC 
Lonsdale 's, 1 year 

Ken Chong 

Hong Kong, China 

Ripley s, 4 years 
Deputy Head of House 

My landing in our school was solely upon my parents' decision. 
For this reason, I wasn't very happy with my situation at this 
school. But it all started to change when I was greeted with 
warmth and acceptance from all the residents of our school. First, 
I'd like to thank my parents for giving me the privilege to attend 
Shawnigan, even if only for a single year. Also, my friends I've 
made over this fleeting year, for their acceptance and kindness. 
Lastly, I'd like to give my warmest thanks and regards to my 
teachers, for their excellence in their field, and for their frankness. 
My year at Shawnigan has been one of my best experiences so 
far, and again thanks Mom and Dad for sending me here. Best of 
luck to you all in the years to come. 

"Destiny is not something to be waited for, it is something to be achieved. " 


"1 find that the harder I work the more luck I seem to have. 

Thomas Jefferson 

I'll never have another Ski Week, I'll never again relay around the 
lake, and I'll never return to Mason's. Shawnigan, you're finally 
rid of me. To Jason and Tony, I owe all the good times to you two. 
Mom and Dad, thank you for all the years you invested in me, I'm 
repaying you with words cause I'm cheap. To my baby brother 
Frank, try and stay out of trouble. Jen, thanks for being there from 
smiles and hugs to talks. To my Ripley's boys, be good. To Jenny, 
I'll miss your smile. And finally, I bid adieu to Gair, Ben, the Chunder 
D's and the Traveler's. Your combined efforts have taught me 
valuable skills that I will practice and perfect in my years to come. 

"So take the photographs and still frames in your mind / Hang them on 
a shelf of good health and good times / Tattoos of memories and dead 
skin on trial / For what it's worth, it was worth all the while / It's some- 
thing unpredictable but in the end is right /I hope you had the time of your 
life. " Bi I lie Joe 

Class of 2001 


Joanne Chu 

Richmond, BC 
Kaye 's, 3 years 
House Prefect 

I am grateful for the opportunity of being in Shawnigan and to the 
people who supported me in these three years - Mom, Dad, my 
sisters, "pak neung", "pak fu", Holly, Alex, Tammy, my best friends 
in Vancouver and Hong Kong (Jenny, Napa, Cherry, Grace, Shelley, 
Georgine, Vivian L. and C, and Vicky), and my favourite teachers 
(Mr. Lane, Mr. Cox, Mr. Swiednicki, Mr. Leary, Mr. Gueulette, and 
Mrs. Bell). TO MRS. D: thank you for taking care of me in these 
three years, and I will always remember the first mahjong night two 
years ago. TO MY FRIENDS: don't forget COOKIE MONSTER! 

TO ALEX: "/ remember the way we parted, / The day and the way 
we met; / You hoped we were both broken-hearted, LA nd knew we should 
both forget. " Algernon Charles Swinburne 

TO EVERYONE: "Have another cookie, it will make you happy! " 
Finally, I am out of here! Snoo Py 

John Compston 

Calgary, AB 
Lonsdale s, 3 years 

I would like to thank my friends, family and all of the teachers that 
have helped me along the way. Shawnigan will be an unforgetta- 
ble experience in my life. To Chris, Noah Gair, Richard, Sharma 
and anyone else I missed ... Good Luck. 


Ian Cooper 

Victoria, BC 
Copeman s, 5 years 
House Prefect 

I have a lot to be thankful for. I have to thank my parents for 
spending one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars to let me 
come here. I should thank the School for putting me through the 
sports program. No matter how much I complained I know that I 
am a faster, fitter person because of my coaches' efforts. I thank 
my friends, all of them who have come and gone, for making this 
school a little easier. Through all the tough times, the memories of 
grief and joy, I have come out of "the Shawnigan experience" a 
better person, and a more well-rounded individual. 

"/ went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only 
the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to 
teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. " 

Henry David Thoreau 

David Da kin 

Hong Kong, China 
Ripley s, 5 years 

House Prefect 

It's 3 am and I still don't know how to cram five years into 100 
words. Shawnigan has been ... interesting. Five years at a board- 
ing school so far from home. Too many years of debating. How 
I'll miss that. Five years of Ripley's. Five years of roommates, old 
boys graduating, new boys coming, some old boys never leaving 
(this means you Griff), and the Daves. Insanity. I'll never forget 
any of it, no matter how hard I try. But I loved every minute of it, 
and I'd never trade my time here for anything in the world. Oh, 
and thanks Mom. 

'Carpe Jugulum ': Go for the throat. " My new mantra 

"Give a man afire and he '11 be warm for an hour; light a man on fire and 
he '11 be warm the rest of his life. " T. Pratchett 


Class of 2001 

Erik De La Mare 

Whitehorse, YK 

Lake s, 3 years 

First off, I would like to thank my parents for their support and 
persuasion. Thank you Mr. Wyatt for your two years of keeping 
me in line and on track. Also thank you to the Lake's Grade 12's 
for the good times and to the rest of my friends in the school. I 
really enjoyed the experiences that I found in Shawnigan, 
Whitewater kayaking, Ski Week and SAR. Thanks, Mr. Yates, for 
the experiences. Overall I am glad that school is finally behind me 
and that I have freedom at last. 

"I don 't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order 
to enjoy ourselves. " Ludwig Wittgenstein 

"It matters not whether you win or lose; what matters is whether I win or 
lose. " Darrin Weinberg 

Christopher Dodge 

Calgary, AB 
Duxbury, 2 years 
House Prefect 

Breathe, breathe in the air 

don 't be afraid to care 

Leave but don 't leave me 

look around and choose your own ground 

for long you live and high you fly 

and smiles you '11 give and tears you '11 cry 

and all you touch and all you see 

is all your life will ever be 

Run, run rabbit run 

dig that hole, forget the sun, 

and when at last the work is done 

don 't sit down it 's time to start another one. 

Pink Floyd 

Jean-Paul Du Plessis 

Terrace, BC 
Copeman 's, 2 years 
House Prefect 

The world is a dark place. Shawnigan Lake is a bright light be- 
tween all the madness. People like my friends keep this fire alive. 
Thanks to the people that have done so much for me. Cheers and 
see you again. 

"If every day in the life of a school could be the last day but one, there 
would be little fault to find with it. " 

"Like as the waves make to the pebbled shore, so do our minutes hasten 
to their end. " 

"Your heart is the driver and your mind is coming along for the ride. " 

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them, 
to the impossible. " 

Mackenzie Duncan 

Merville, BC 

Lake 's, 3 years 

School Prefect 
Deputy Head of House 

"True friends stab you in the front. " Oscar Wilde 

"Come to the edge 

He said. They said: We are afraid. 

Come to the edge 

He said. They came. 

He pushed them, and 

they flew... " 

Guillaume Apollinaire 

Class of 2001 


Kia Duthie 

Enderby, BC 
Groves ' 3 years 
House Prefect 

My three years at Shawnigan were filled with memories, experi- 
ences and friendships that I will never forget. I would like to 
thank my parents for always believing in me and supporting me, 
even if I always was "the most expensive kid" ! I have you alone 
to thank for this incredible experience. To my roommates, always 
remember the pact, "if we go down, we go down together!". Thanks 
to Pixie, Tink, Cayley and Lisa for all the laughs. I'll miss you 
guys! Thanks to Anna for always complaining and making my 
life suddenly seem easier, you were a lot of fun to have around 
this year. And James, thanks for always listening and making me 
laugh, I couldn't have made it without you. 

"Kia, you are gaaated! " Mrs. Grass 

Lani El-Guebaly 

Calgary, AB 

School, 2 years 
House Prefect 

I can't possibly mention everyone deserving, so I've singled out 
a few in hopes that I've done my best to let those unmentioned 
know how appreciative I am for all they've done. Mrs. Stapff, you 
ol' softy: thanks for the talks, the duct tape, and everything that 
lay between. Ms. Newns: thanks for giving me an opportunity to 
unlock something I might have otherwise suppressed. To both 
Ben and Jerry: although I've never met either of you personally, 
your existence has added flavour to my years. Thanks to those 
who believed in me: you gave me strength. Thanks to those who 
didn't: you gave me ambition. Lastly, thanks to the vivacious girls 
of School House: your laughter will be missed. 

"Never be someone else 's slogan, you are your own poetry " 28 Days 

Gair Fryers 

Calgary, AB 
Lonsdale 's, 2 years 
Deputy Head of House 

I only attended Shawnigan for two years so I only have a cou- 
ple of things to say. First, I would like to thank my parents, my 
sister, Lonsdale's House, leave money and the Traveler's Inn 
for getting me through my year. I would also like to thank 
Richard Seok and the rest of the Korean connection, Jason 
Kujath and our "heroes", Ken Chong for always matching me, 
Calin for all your love and Ben Wills for being ready at anytime 
of day. There are some others I should thank, but I don't have 
the room in this write-up. Thank you Mr. Hutchison and Mr. 
Loiselle for your unyielding support. I would not have made it 
through my two years without you. I think everyone should 
join John Compston, Chris Dodge and I at the Glencoe corner 
pocket in the future. 

Liz Gordon 

Vancouver, BC 

Kaye s, 3 years 

House Prefect 
Captain of Rowing 

I don't exactly have enough space to describe all three years of 
ups and downs I've had at Shawnigan and mention everyone 
who has helped me through them. Mom and Dad, thank you. To 
Sara, no matter where we are I'll always be a call away, I love you. 
Bryan, you know how I feel. Ben "ditto". Jill, hang in there! I love 
you too. Nat and Becca, never forget sublime; Pix, thanks for all 
the help and James, I'll find you... To everyone else, thanks for 

"Today a young man realized that all matter is merely condensed into a 
slow vibration. That we are but one consciousness, obscuring itself sub- 
jectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we are 
an imagination of ourselves, just hope you remember in the morning. " 



Class of 200J 

Caroline Goupil 

Perrot, QC 

School, 2 years 
House Prefect 

Studying at Shawnigan has made me open my mind to new hori- 
zons which have enabled me to take a step closer to my dream: 
being a fashion designer. Even though I had some difficulties 
with the language in the beginning, I have been able to count on 
people who quickly became my close friends. Merci beaucoup 
Maman, Papa, Marie-Claude et Genevieve de m' avoir apporte le 
support et le courage necessaire pour passer a travers ces deux 
annees loin de vous et de tous mes amis. Je vous aime beaucoup 
et vous aimerai toujours. Caroline -xx- 

Paul Guelpa 

Comox, BC 
Lonsdale s, 2 years 
Deputy Head of House 

I have learned a lot here, but the most I learned wasn't from the 
classrooms it was from the people whom I lived and spent time 
with. I will take away with me more knowledge of life and its 
experiences than I could have obtained anywhere else. I am glad 
I got to know those of you who I did, and in one way or another 
you did something to make my time here that much better. Espe- 
cially to the guys in Lonsdale's, you are the greatest group of 
guys I know and you all have potential to do great things. Re- 
member in 20 years you won't regret the things you did, you'll 
regret the things you didn't do. 

"Here and now, will we ever be again? Cause I have found, all that 
shimmers in this world is sure to fade, away, again. " Fuel 

Mark S-D Han 

Seoul, Korea 
Copeman 's, 4 years 
Head of House 

Kara Hay 

Victoria, BC 
Groves ' 4 years 
House Prefect 

Thank God it's over! As I look back now, it actually wasn't that 
bad. All the memories I take home and the friends I made at Shaw 
are priceless and will never be forgotten. Extreme thanx to mom 
and dad for their endless love and support. Mr. and Mrs. Patel, 
thanks a lot for your love and for taking care of me. Mr. Hall, 
thank you for the years of support. Paul, I had enough of you for 
past four years. Seok and Bae, thanks for the good times in Van. 
Hyung-Yong, In-Il and the rest of my 6-13 crew and all my boys 
back in my hometown, mad love to you all. To the boys of 
Copeman's and the Grad 200 1 , "Cheers!" 

"/ am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love 
today." William Allen White 

Shawnigan has given me many friendships and memories that I 
will never forget. Most of all I would like to thank my parents for 
all their never-ending love, and for giving me this amazing experi- 
ence. A special thanks to my Dad for making countless trips to 
get me. To my roommates, thanks for all the laughs and always 
remember "ain't it good to be alive ..." Pixie, Steph, Cayley, Lisa, 
and Court thanks for always being there. I wouldn't have made it 
without you! To my friends at home, thanks for always giving me 
something to look forward to during my weeks here. To everyone 
else who has been part of my life, thanks for all the memories that 
I'll keep with me always. 

' What happened?! " Kia Duthie 

Class of 2001 


Sterling Hein 

Lethbridge, AB 
Duxbury, 4 years 
Deputy Head of House 

I love it here. I don't want to graduate. Is it possible to repeat 
Grade 12 here without failing or paying a large sum of money? 
Thank you Mom and Dad for spending an arm and a leg to send 
me here. Thanks to my relatives for the phone calls and numerous 
parcels. Thanks to all who have put up with me throughout the 
past four years. My teachers' concern over me has been amaz- 
ing. Mr. Felix, your presence and encouragement have always 
been a comfort. Mrs. Felix, your courage is inspiring. Thank you 
both. I deeply regret having to leave behind those whom I con- 
sider true friends. Hopefully, our paths will converge in the near 
future. I will miss everything. Good luck. Goodbye. 

" We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by 
embracing one another. " Luciano de Crescenzo 

Royce Holman 

Duncan, BC 
Copeman 's, 5 years 
House Prefect 

I would like to thank my parents for making sacrifices to send me 
to Shawnigan for five years because 1 think it has prepared me for 
the future. 1 would also like to thank all of my friends for helping 
me out. I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Patel for helping me out 
during the rough times in my life, and to my Dad who told me to 
always stay focused and put my mind to it. To all the boys in 
Copeman's House, keep up the good work. 

Copeman's House Rules! ! ! ! 

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without 
work. " Emile Zola 

Graeme Housser 

Victoria, BC 

Head of House 

Well, high school came and now it's almost gone. Thank you, 
Mom and Dad, for giving me this incredible kick-start to life. 
Thanks Mr. Felix, good luck next year. Thanks to you boys in 
Duxbury and to everyone else who made a difference. It's been 

"A tiger never changes his stripes. " Keyser Soze 

"Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes, because 
by then, you 're a mile away, you 've got his shoes, and you can say 
whatever the hell you want about him. " Fidel Castro 

Iritana Houston 

Sandspit, BC 

Kaye s, 4 years 

House Prefect 
House Sports Captain 
Captain of Rugby 
Captain of Volleyball 

Love is ... An undeniable feeling. It consists of an intense and 
overwhelming feeling for a fellow friend. To my very special 
parents, thank you is too small a word to express the love and 
support that you have given me. To my brothers thank you for 
everything! To Mr. Felix and his family thank you. Mr. Felix, your 
heart is bigger than you are. Mr. Noble thanks for being a friend, 
to all the Kaye's girls. You have made my stay here memorable. To 
my great roommates of two years, we have grown so much to- 
gether, thanks. I love you and will never forget the laughs, and 
tears. Mikaela you mean the world to me and we will always be 
together. To Mrs. D, you have helped me grow in so many ways 
and I thank you for all your love and giggles. To the Grad class, 
thanks for all the good times, and TAIKI TEASY. 

"Love is not what we become but what we already are " 


Class of 2001 

Pixie Howson 

West Vancouver, BC 
Kaye s, 3 years 
House Prefect 

It's been 3 years of fun times, down times and along with those, 
many changes. I would first like to thank my parents for giving me 
this wonderful opportunity. Thank you for all your support and 
never-ending love. To my closest friends, Kara, Heather, Tootie, 
Jen M, Kia, Courtenay and Calin, thank you for everything. I 
wouldn't have made it without you. Most of all, thank you to 
both my best friend and brother. Stalwart is the right description 
of you! I love you for all you do. Thank you for all the advice and 
comfort you have given me. Remember that I'll always be by your 
side. To my little "bro", Jo Spry, who has never once failed to put 
a smile on my face, I love you tons! And to Mrs D, I love you! 
Lastly, thank you to Shawnigan; I found my love! 

Ted Huang 

Burnaby, BC 
Ripley 's, 4 years 
House Prefect 

The first time I entered Shawnigan Lake School, I thought to 
myself, "A beautiful campus, but in the middle of nowhere." Four 
years have gone by, I have no idea how I have SURVIVED with- 
out others helping me. First, I would like to thank my parents for 
being there when I needed help and for giving me the opportu- 
nity to experience this EXPERIENCE. A big thankyou to all the 
teachers who have guided me through teaching or any other way, 
especially to Mr. Samuel as the best House Director and my advi- 
sor, Mrs. Martin. To Alex: Thanks man, keep in touch. To Ripley's 
12's, thanks for helping / CHANGING me in every way. To Eric: 
Chuckles, have fun and stay out of trouble next year. To Jim: Best 
Wishes and drive safely. To people who know me: Good luck in 
the future. LIFE STARTS NOW! 

Naheed Janmohamed 

Vancouver, BC 
Duxbury, 2 years 

Senior House Prefect 

Jimmy Jung 

Seoul, Korea 
Lake 's, 5 years 
House Prefect 

Well, I can't believe it's over. The last two years have certainly 
had their ups and downs but Shawnigan has proved to be an 
experience I will by no means forget. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for 
your constant support and encouragement to succeed. No words 
can explain the pride I feel in being your son. To my brother 
Joobz, I will never forget what you have done for me in the past 
few years. To Omar and Dave, I don't know how I would have got 
through these two years without you guys. Best of luck to the 
Duxbury boyz and to the rest of the Grad class. 

" What we do in life echoes in eternity. " 

"Imagine where you will be, and it will be so. " 

Maximus Desimus Moridius 

When I came to Shawnigan five years ago, I never thought that 
all these years would just fly by like this. Now I think back and I 
know how lucky I am to have been here. To all my friends who I 
owed and who cared about me, I never had a chance to express 
my thanks to all of you. You guys redefined the word "precious" 
to me. Also, with all my respect, "I'll never let the boys down, 
Mr.Wyatt." Nothing would have been possible for me if it hadn't 
been for my Aunt, my Uncle and my Mom who always supported 
me and guided me in the right direction. I still can't believe that I 
am leaving this place ... 

" Work like you don 't need the money. Love like you 've never been hurt. 
Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like it's 
Heaven on Earth. " Shawnigan Chapel 

Class of 2001 


Nathalie Kenyon 

Terrace, BC 
Groves ' 4 years 
House Prefect 

The time has come to say goodbye. This school and all the 
people in it have become so important to me over the past four 
years. To Tash, Kara, Kia and Lisa you were the best roomates 
and I'll never forget you. Becca, Liz and Sarah, I'll always re- 
member our adventures. Zac thanks for understanding me. Jason 
thanks for the shoulder to cry on. Mom and Dad thank you for 
believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. I love you. 
Thank you to all my teachers for putting up with me . . . especially 
Padre Detchon. To all the Groves' House girls, you are the best. 
Goodbye to all ... I'll miss you. 

"If you love someone, draw their name in a circle, not a heart, because 
hearts break but circles go on forever" Unknown 

Jason Kujath 

Edmonton, AB 

Ripley s, 5 years 

Grad Class President 
House Prefect 

Well, Scott, after five years we finally made it. Now all I can do is 
look into the future and cry, but first I would like to thank a few 
people. Lisa, thank you for all the support you have given me, I 
couldn't have done it without you. I'll never forget the time we've 
shared or the memories you've given me; I love you. To my 
Ripley's crew, thanks for the memories, the jokes, and the parties. 
All I can say is, it's been fun. To the Chunder D's (Ben, Ken, 
Richard, Gair), the Traveller's Inn will always be where it's at. To 
Tony and Ken, thanks for listening to my problems. Last, but not 
least, thank you to my parents for all my opportunities and sec- 
ond chances. 

"/ don't know where I am going, but I sure know where I've been " 


Gianni Laudisio 

West Vancouver, BC 

Lonsdale's & Duxbury 
5 years 

House Prefect 
House Sports Captain 

I'd like to thank my parents for this opportunity. It has been a 
long, but worthwhile, experience. To Mr. Felix, good luck next 
year, and thanks for the last five. To Lopez, thanks for the point- 
less stories and wasted time. And to anyone else who I forgot to 
mention, well I guess you weren't important enough. Catch'ya on 
the flipside. 

"These walls are kind of funny. First you hate 'em, then you get used to 
'em. Enough time passes, gets so you depend on them. That's called 
institutionalized. " 

Red (Shawshank Redemption) 

Edward Lecky 

Calgary, AB 
Ripley 's, 5 years 


Class of 2001 

Katy-Anne Legun 

Victoria, BC 
Kaye 's, 2 years 
House Prefect 

Going to school at Shawnigan has given me a desire to learn, but 
living at Shawnigan has given me a stable structure to lean against 
during the two most chaotic years of my life. Mum, thanks will 
never say enough; Dad, your faith in me will always be one of my 
most valuable motivators; Pete, your qualities are goals which I 
don't have the discipline to reach; Leni, I couldn't possibly say all 
I want to; Amy, your friendship has meant so much to me; Mikaela, 
thank you for being there for me. I'd like to thank those people 
who have given me so much despite my inability to give anything 
in return, mainly Rose, Dan and Mrs. D. Also, thank you to the 
Kaye's girls (Sara, we'll be back on the reunion with a map) and 
my friends at home who have stuck with me despite the distance. 

Hardy Leighton 

Whistler, BC 
Ripley s, 3 years 
House Prefect 

Thanks, Mom, Dad and Grandma Lee, forthe tremendous oppor- 
tunity you have given me. Peace to all my Ripley's boys, keep it 
real. And I'll holler at all my dogs at home for supporting me along 
the way. It has been three long years. Thank God I'm finally 

"No man is invincible, no plan is fool proof, you'll always meet your 
moment of truth. " Gang Star. 

James Lopez 

Seattle, WA 
Duxbury 2 years 
House Prefect 

When I first arrived, Shawnigan was a beautiful land with strange 
people. Over time I became just as strange. This place has sharp- 
ened me into the man I am today, and I am forever grateful. Thanks 
Mom and Dad for helping me open this door in my life. Thanks 
Kia for your endless support. Thanks to the boys in Duxbury. I 
would also like to thank my teachers for teaching me how to learn. 

"Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold 
well. " Josh Billings 

" Whenever you read a good book, it s like the author is right there, in the 
room talking to you, which is why I don 't like to read good books. " 

Ian Macdonald 

Kelowna, BC 
Ripley s, 4 years 
Senior House Prefect 

First and foremost I owe a lot of debt and gratitude to my parents. 
They have coached me through life when things were tough. 
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for sharing my unique sense of hu- 
mour and cheer, and encouraging me with hard work and determi- 
nation. Thanks to my roommate and friend for life, Bhatti. You 
have put up with my lifestyle, jokes, and well, basically me. Good 
luck with your future career, wherever you jam. Thanks to all the 
teachers who have had the discomfort of teaching me; good job, 
we all made it! Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel for making Ripley's 
feel like home. To my sis, Laura, good luck next year. And finally 
to all the guys who knew me as Sherman, the key to living is 
laughter, so go on, laugh it up! Cheers. 

"Always look on the bright side of life. " Monty Python 

Class of 2001 


Leanne MacLean 

Burnaby, BC 
Renfrew, 5 years 

Head of House 

My five years at Shawnigan have been challenging; however, 
they have been the most memorable years of my life. Thanks to 
everyone in my family for always standing behind me no matter 
what and not giving up on me in the rough times. To the Patels, 
thank you for being a second family to me. Ms. Woollven and 
Mrs. Stroebel, thank you for the endless support. Missy, thanks 
for the talks and the laughs, I couldn't have made it without you! 
Alanna, we're still alive! Erin and Kate, bye bye bye. Louise, thanks 
for always being there and the late night talks. Thanks to my little 
sisters, good luck next year. Renfrew girls: you each hold a spe- 
cial place in my heart that will never be lost. 

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. " Anonymous 

Jesse McCallum 

Kelowna, BC 
Lake 's, 3 years 
House Sports Captain 

Shawnigan was full of many great experiences. I think I've learned 
a lot and now I'm ready to go. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your 
sacrifices in sending me here. Thanks to my roommates, Macken- 
zie, Scott, and Earl, you were all super friends. Thanks Mikaela, 
you made this last year special. To all the boys, all I can say is 
keep in touch. No point in making such strong friendships only 
to throw away at graduation. Mr. Wyatt, thanks for helping me 
adapt to Shawnigan and teaching me some valuable lessons. 

Some memorable Shawnigan quotes: 

"Never sell out the boys" Mark Hyatt 
"What's up brother" Bud Pate I 
"Oi boy" Rhodri Samuel 

Scott McCrady 

Edmonton, AB 
Lake 's, 5 years 
Deputy Head of House 

Well, Jason, things have changed since our days as gromits. 
In the future I know I'll think fondly of those many instances in 
which we ran from the Grade 12's who misunderstood your 
innocent jests. We came here as 4'8" loudmouths, we leave as 
57" towers of doom. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for this often 
nerve-wracking, but worthwhile experience. Finally I'll be out 
in the real world, where Law is Law and not just the whims of 
many would-be lords and ladies. Thanks to my advisor, Mr. 
Robertson, who often did more than the job entailed. Harvey 
and Graham "Looks like the days of filming ourselves staring 
at closets is drawing to an end," thank God! Jesse, thanks for 
being one of my few roommates who came back the year after, 
having lived with me and my harmonicas. Thanks to the band. 

"Blues had a baby and named it rock'n roll " Muddy Waters 

Chris McLeod 

Victoria, BC 
Copeman 's, 5 years 
House Prefect 

A five-year career at Shawnigan has opened my eyes to worlds I 
would have otherwise never discovered. To my parents, whose 
immense sacrifices made it possible for me to come here, I am 
forever grateful. As well, my sister, who was often there to cheer 
me on through many a tough hockey game, and whose e-mails 
were always sources of laughter. Mr. Hall, your advice and guid- 
ance throughout my time here will stick with me for years to come; 
and Mr. Patel, your integrity and sense of humour over the past 
two years have taught me unforgettable life lessons. To the 
Detchon and Rolston families, a career at Shawnigan without 
your combined support and kindness would have been chaotic. 
Finally, thanks to my friends, including my roommate Andrew, for 
making Shawnigan a memory that will never fade. 

"I possess athleticism like Kobe. " Brendan Tweedie 


Class of 2001 

Noah Mills 

Baltimore, MD 
Duxbury, 2 years 

House Prefect 

One year in Oakland, one year in Australia and two years here at 
Shawnigan and I've finally finished my high school education. 
It's been an incredible stay in Canada, from Calgary, Vancouver, 
Victoria to Shawnigan my memories are thicker than ever. I would 
like to thank my parents for all that they've done; I hope that I 
made you proud. To my friends in Baltimore I'm finally coming 
home. To all my friends here at the school, goodbye and thanks 
for the memories. Mikaela, Tootie, Rob, John (see you in Calgary), 
Karsten, Carson and Seok (keep ball'in). Ben, Shane, Down, Mark, 
Gair, Kara. To Pride, Sharma, Anton, and Jackman keep on doing 
what you're doing, the school needs it. Chris it's been even a 
better second year rooming with you, and I'll see you in Calgary. 
To the Basketball team and everyone I'm leaving behind, good- 
bye and farewell. 

"As long as we're on this earth I think everyone wants to be known as a 
winner, and the only way you can be remembered on this earth is to be a 
winner. " Michael Jordan 

Allison Palubiski 

Prince George, BC 
Groves ' 2 years 

Senior House Prefect 

I don't think I could have asked for anything greater than my 
experience here at Shawnigan. Mom and Dad, I never would have 
had this opportunity without your guidance and support. I love 
you both with all of my heart. I will cherish the strong friendships 
that I have made here and will never forget those who made me 
feel valuable. To the Groves' girls, I will always cherish the tears 
we cried and the joy we laughed together. Thank you to my room- 
mates, Cara and Stephanie, I couldn't have done this without 
your unfailing love and support. Shawnigan will be a lasting 
memory in my heart forever. 

'Dream as if you '11 live forever. Live as if you '11 die today. " 

James Dean 

Earl Pheasey 

Indian Wells, CA 

Lake 's, 3 years 

Head of House 
School Prefect 
Captain of Basketball 

Captain of Rugby 

Thanks to the boys of Lake's House for three wonderful years. I 
would especially like to thank Scott for introducing Shawnigan to 
me and introducing me to some new friends. I would also like to 
thank Jesse for making my room a school play. For my other 
friends I would like to thank you for my time at Shawnigan, it was 
unforgettable and full of memories. Thanks to the centurion club 
for their warmth and compassion, 121 baby! To my Mom for 
giving me support, and helping me every step of the way. To Mr. 
Samuel, Mr. Patel, Mr. Austin and Mr. Wyatt for giving me the 
opportunity to play for them. It's been an honour. PEACE, I'M 

"Huh??!!??" Rudolpho 

'What's my name? " Jesse McCallum 

Megan Phillips 

Nanaimo, BC 
Kaye 's, 3 years 
House Prefect 

When I entered through the looming stone gates as a wee Grade 
10,1 had absolutely no idea what the next three years would have 
in store. Shawnigan has become such a part of my life that it is 
impossible to imagine the world out there. I have had so much fun 
here, from the musical, to rowing, to finally understanding the 
pain in running around the pond 30 times a day ... To Michelle, I 
will always remember our venting. To the Kaye's girls, especially 
Jen, Shannon and Jessie, thank you so much for keeping me 
sane. To Rene and Mom, Dad and Paula, you were always there 
to provide a resting place when Shaw was too much. But, more 
than ever, to Mrs. D: you have taught me to keep my dreams real. 
Thank you, Shawnigan. 

"So what now? It's plain to see we 're over /And I hate when things are 
over /So much is left undone. " 

Deep Blue Something. 

Class of 2001 


Zachary Plavsic 

Vancouver, BC 

Duxbury, 2 years 

Captain of Sailing 
House Prefect 

I would like to thank my parents and the school for their support 
this year. To all the Grads of 2001, Peace. To all you youngins' 
good luck. 

Peace Out. 

"That was so cool. I can't believe that just happened. I hope I can 
remember it " 

Graeme Housser 

David Poling 

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 

Ripley s, 3 years 

Naturally I get to this point, sit down and start to type, when 
suddenly my mind goes blank ... now what? I guess I'll start by 
thanking my family and friends. Thanks for always being around 
whether I wanted you or not (even when I really didn't want you). 
Thanks to all the guys still in Ripley's and all those that left al- 
ready. Ciao. 

"Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, 
something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else 
would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to continually be part 
of unanimity. " Christopher Morley 

"We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our 
planet is the mental institution of the universe. " Johann von Goethe 

Marcus Purtzki 

Lantzville, BC 

Duxbury, 4 years 

House Prefect 
House Sports Captain 
Captain of Squash 
Captain of Tennis 

The last four years here at Shawnigan have been the most memo- 
rable to me. It gave me the chance to show the best of myself, or 
at least to try to. Thanks for all the people who have made my 
Shawnigan experience even better. Thank you to my parents and 
to all the Duxbury guys. 

"// takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man " 

"If you ever fall off the Sears Tower, just go limp, because maybe you 'II 
look like a dummy and people will try to catch you because, hey, free 

Alanna Quock 

Whitehorse, YK 

Renfrew, 4 years 

School Prefect 
Deputy Head of House 

To all the people who may or may not know that they've made me 
smile and had an impact on my life, I thank you. Mom, eight 
weeks of vacations will never be thanks enough for the freedom 
I've gained. 

"You are so young. You stand before beginnings. I would like to beg of 
you dear friend, as well as I can to have patience with everything that 
remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions as themselves 
like locked rooms, like books written in a foreign language. Do not now 
look for the answers. They cannot be given to you because you could not 
live then. It is a question of experiencing everything need to live the 
question. Perhaps you will gradually without even noticing it.findyour- 
self experiencing the answer some distant day. " 

Rainer Maria Rilke 

"If in doubt, rebel. " Room #5, 98-99 


Class of 2001 

Mikaela Reuben 

Victoria, BC 

Kaye 's, 4 years 
Deputy Head of House 

Goodbye Shawnigan. After four good years it's finally time to 
leave. I thank the School for helping me finish off this portion of 
my life and prepare me for the next. To Mr. Sarsfield and Mrs. 
Piatt, thank you for all the help. Mrs. D, my second Mom, I'll miss 
you and I'm forever grateful for everything. Thank you to my 
family who gave up so much to help me. To my amazing room- 
mates, TAIKI TEASY, and remember that good friends come and 
go ... all we can do is treasure the memories. To Kaye's Grade 12's 
and the friends that made my stay here a good one, I hope we 
meet again someday and thanks for the memories. Tootie ... You 
Know. Gabby, if I did it, you can too. I love you and good luck. 

"To be able to discover new oceans, you must have the courage to lose 
sight of the shore " Anonymous 

Patrick Rinehart 

Parksville, BC 
Lake 's, 2 years 

First of all, I would like to thank my parents for this amazing 
opportunity and the sacrifices they have made to send me here. I 
would also like to thank Mr. Wyatt and Mr. Robertson for the 
lessons they have taught me to live by, not only at a boarding 
school but also in life. Although there have been moments where 
I regretted being here, the good has definitely outweighed the 
bad and, overall, this has been a worthwhile experience. 

"Life is only a competition when you 're winning. " Unknown 

Paul Rokeby-Thomas 

Salt Spring Island, BC 

Copeman s, 4 years 

Head of House 
Editor of Yearbook 
Captain of Soccer 

Above all, thanks to my family. Mom and Dad for sending me 
here, and my brothers, Dave and Tim, for putting up with me 
going here. When I'm rich and famous you can all come visit. 
Thanks to the most important part of my Shawnigan life, 
Copeman's, and every Raider I have ever known. Thanks to 
Mr. Patel and Mr. Samuel for helping me out after a slow start and 
for two great seasons. It has been an unforgettable four years, 
thank you to everyone who helped make it the experience it was. 
Best of luck to the Grad Class of 2001. 

"The man who has no imagination has no wings" Muhammad AH 
"If you quit rugby Mark Han, you can move to Lonsdales " Bud Patel 

Jenny Rolston 

Shawnigan Lake, BC 

Kaye 's, 5 years 

House Prefect 

Grad Class Vice-President 

Editor of Yearbook 

When I first entered in Grade 8, I had no idea what to expect. 
What at first seemed an enormous segment of my life dawning 
ahead of me passed by in an instant. The wisdom I have gained 
here at Shawnigan goes far beyond what is taught in a classroom. 
Each joy, each tear, each struggle and each delight have added to 
my journey, making every step an unforgettable learning experi- 
ence. I would like to thank all of my teachers and coaches, from 
whom I have learned so much; my family, for their love and sup- 
port throughout the years, and my friends, for all of the memories. 
The lessons learned from my journey will be with me always. 

Class of 2001 


Heather Ry craft 

Victoria, BC 

Groves ' 5 years 
Senior House Prefect 

First of all, I want to thank Mum and Dad; it would have been 
impossible without you. To the Groves' House 5, we've had more 
fun than I ever imagined - we are the eye of the tiger. Jess, there's 
a party in room 20, and Lisa, I still believe in miracles. Joe, take it 
easy, okay? From Disneyland to Musicfest and everywhere in 
between, thanks to the band, choir, Mr. Gueulette and Michelle. If 
you've touched my life, thank you, because it couldn't have been 

"I don 't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than 
half of you half as well as you deserve " Bilbo Baggins 

"It may be that you are not luminous, but you are a conductor of light. " 

Sherlock Holmes 

Ben Sampson 

Duncan, BC 

Lonsdale 's, 1 year 

In my later years, I will look back on my one year at Shawnigan 
with fond memories and know that many of the lessons that have 
stood by me will have been given to me by this place that for one 
year I called my home. To all of the people that made my time here 
great, I will always remember you. You know who you are. To my 
coach and house director you will always have a special place 
with me for the lessons that you have taught me. 

"Ben, you mistake me for someone who gives a s&%#!" Mrs. Stapff 

Peter Sarkozi 

Cobble Hill, BC 

Duxbury, 2 years 
House Prefect 

Richard Seok 

Seoul, South Korea 
Lonsdale 's, 2 years 
House Prefect 

First of all, I'd like to thank my Mother for giving me this opportu- 
nity (although I thought she was bluffing when she threatened to 
drag me all the way from Kevlinge, Sweden, to some boarding 
school in Canada). Thank you also to my step-Dad for taking care 
of my Mother, and Mr. Felix for all his support and leadership. It's 
been a good two years at Shawnigan. It helped me get a new 
perspective on things. And to all the guys in Dux, I never thought 
there were so many crazy ways of wasting time. 

'While you point your fingers, someone else isjudgin 'you. " Bob Marley 

"And now for something completely different " Monty Python 

First, thanks to my Mom and Dad for helping me to get here. To 
my little Charles, work hard bro. Next, special thanks to my divine 
partner, Gair Fryers; in addition, I would like to thank the Fryers 
for their great hospitality. And thanks to Queens and Douglas 
crew: Jason, Ken and Ben. Next, to Chris, John, and Noah: love 
chilling with you all. In Vancouver, I would like to acknowledge 
Heum, Tae, Sung, and Jae. And to Seunghyun: keep balling. Byun 
in Minnesota, I can't wait until Korea in summer. To my eastern 
Canada friends, Tina, Joon, and Kevin, keep it real. And to Jordan 
in California, good luck. To my South Korean friends, Hoon, 
Taejoon, and Seungjoon, YAH! Next, to Mark, Sungho, Bae, and 
Tomoki, see you all later. Finally, I would like say, "God blessed 
me, Amen!". 


Class of 2001 

Camille Shieh 

Vancouver, BC 
Kaye s, 3 years 
House Prefect 

A kiss good-bye to high school. Mama, Baba and Rud, your little 
girl is not little anymore. Thanks for all your support, infinite love 
from me. Mrs. D, I couldn't have done it without you, thank you. 
Angel, Joy and Audrey, sisters forever. Phoebe, thanks for being 
there through all the ups and downs, you can always count on 
me to be there for you. Yancy, we may be apart but I'll always be 
there to pull you up when you fall. Tani, thanks for adding those 
smiles to my face, you cheer me up! Erin and Meghan, my memo- 
ries of all those tea times and late-night talks, I'll miss you girls 
lots. To all the people I've met at Shawnigan, I learned a lot from 
you, thank you. Lastly, Eric, love is a gift that never stops giving. 
You will always be in my heart. I love you all. 

Hailey Shiels 

Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia 
Kaye 's, 3 years 
House Prefect 

they say i am dead / somber stone against a bleak sky / emptiness con- 
sumes me / moments melt into weeks, weeks to years / i blink, and my 
world is gone 

survival-the theme of my existence / and the catalyst of each breath 

recollection forces me to picture the past: / timeless images caught for- 
ever in shades of rose 

joy overtaken by pain / i fight, choking on the inevitable destiny of man- 
kind / i turn to thoughts of love: / the beauty of Japanese tears, / the 
wrinkles of laughter, /the brilliance of an earth dipped in sunlight 

they say i am dead /as sun scratches sky / releasing the fiery passions of 
life / i say i am alive 

Graham Shore 

Calgary AB 
Lake s, 3 years 
Captain of Swimming 

Words cannot express the joy of putting twelve years of school 
behind you. No more mean Grade 7's throwing their underwear at 
you, no more Math 9 teachers kicking you in the back of the head, 
and no more using my brain. Hmm ... or not using my brain ... 
never mind. And now my thankyous: Thanks of course to my 
parents who spent the mad cash to send me here. It was worth the 
money, but think about it, you could have bought a pretty nice 
car instead. Second, mad props to my Lake's "crew" and all my 
boys ... You are the only reason I'm still here. And Mr. Wyatt ... 
thanks for being the man. 

"The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you 've 
got it made. " Groucho Marx (1890-1977) 

Natasha Sihota 

Vancouver, BC 

Groves ' 5 years 

House Sports Captain 
House Prefect 

Mom, thank you for your faith. 

"Love is never having to say you 're sorry" Unknown 

Class of 2001 


Andrew Smart 

North Vancouver, BC 
Duxbury, 1/2 year 

Sung Ho So 

Suwon, Korea 
Ripley s, 5 years 

House Prefect 

I want to thank my parents for giving me an opportunity to study 
at Shawnigan. Also, thanks to the school for giving me a second 
chance. Big Props to: My sister, brother(Joon), Jimbo, Jimmy, 
Melvin, My man Mr. Kkang, li'l girl Julie, Richard Seok + Bae, 
Joseph, Lecky, Tomo, Mr. Samuel, Mrs. Fraser, Ripley's boys, 
friends in Canada and Korea. Lastly, all the MCs out there! 

"Iain 't scared that the future is untold. But still God, watch over me . 

Calin Soutzo 

Calgary, AB 
Groves ' 4 years 

Deputy Head of House 
House Sports Captain 

My past four years at Shawnigan have been an unforgettable 
experience and I leave with countless memories. A big thanks to 
all my friends who kept me smiling. Gair, you showed me what a 
true friend really is! Thanks to my brother Luke for being my 
inspiration, Mr. Sarsfield and Mr. and Mrs. Hall for your time and 
patience. Gio, thank you for making my days so much brighter. To 
the ladies of Groves', I will hold you in my heart always. Mostly, 
thank you to my Mom and Dad. Without both of you I wouldn't 
be where I am today. A last word to my friends and the Grads of 
2001 "Don't miss the magic of each moment, by focussing on 
what's to come." I leave here with a smile on my lips and a tear in 
my eye. Heather, Kara, Pixie and Kia we made it! 

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose 
sight of the shore " Unknown 

Elaine Springgay 

Ottawa, ON 

Groves ' 5 years 

School Prefect 
House Prefect 

Once upon a time a little girl entered a set of iron gates, not 
knowing what this new world was to bring. She was intimidated, 
at first, by all the new faces and by all the large kneecaps. In the 
beginning she was sheltered from the constant rain, but as she 
grew, somewhat, and moved up the ranks, there was less shelter 
from the stormy weather. She faced many hardships, but she loved 
the time spent in this little bubble we call Shawnigan. I would like 
to thank all those who made my experience worthwhile: my fam- 
ily; my awesome roomie of four years, Heth; my girls from room 
15, Palub, Barns, Mia and Igs; Jill, the new recruit; all the girls of 
Groves', good luck in your future years; Naheed, my bro; Reese 
- 1 am so sorry; Andrew, and all my other great friends. 

"Where there s a will, there s always a way. " Anonymous 

"Enjoy yourself. These are the good old days you 're going to miss in the 
years ahead. " Anonymous 


Class of 2001 

Nicholas Stavrakov 

Cobble Hill, BC 
Copeman 's, 3 years 
House Prefect 

Thanks to my parents, friends, Mr. and Mrs. Patel and whoever 
wants to be thanked. The experiences at Shawnigan were incred- 
ible, especially being able to take part in programs like SAR, which 
were definitely the highlight of my times at Shawnigan. 

"The death of fear is in doing what you fear to do. " Sequichie Comingdeer 

" When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never 
tried before. " Mae West 

Sara Thiesson 

Nanaimo, BC 
Kaye 's, 3 years 
House Prefect 

Well... my three years at Shawnigan have almost come to an end 
and I only get 150 words to describe how I feel, so I'll make it 
short and sweet. In no particular order. Mom and Dad, THANK 
YOU for everything. I love you. Mrs. D, you were my second 
Mom, I'll miss you. Mrs. Piatt, all I can say is to remember our 
plan. I'll be back. Liz, you're amazing, I love you. Katy-Anne, our 
tradition will never die, we have a map! Kaye's girls, I have finally 
realized how hard it is to put 40 girls to bed. Becky and Nat, never 
forget the face. And, lastly to Jenny(oi), because of you, I'll never 
be late for anything again. And finally in memory of Jaime Tho- 
mas ... 

"If all the flies in Canada, like, got together, and ganged up on one 
person, would they die? " The Girls 

Lisa Tink 

Grande Prairie, AB 
School, J year 
House Sports Captain 

To those of you who offered me a shoulder to cry on, made me 
laugh (if only once), encouraged me to get up when I had fallen, 
made me smile day after day, have given me unforgettable memo- 
ries both good and bad, supported me at home, at school, on the 
court or field, thank you 

"Reality is wrong, dreams are for real" 

James Tinker 

Bremerton, WA 

Lonsdale 's, 3 years 

Head of House 
Captain of Rowing 
School Prefect 

Over the last three years I have learned much, and have had far too 
many good times to thank everyone who was a part them. But to 
Lonsdale's House especially, I have you guys to thank for most of 
what I loved about Shawnigan. Have fun and good luck over the 
years to come and always try to be governed by your passions, not 
your fears. To the rowers (comrades), thanks; I had the best of times 
with all of you. I expect to come back within two years and watch 
you destroy Brentwood's eight. To everyone at the school, you've 
got a great place, enjoy it while you can and don't spoil it. To Jesse, 
good luck, don't miss me too much. Cheers! 

"Always remember to keep your head level even when the road is not. " 


"If I had to choose between peace and righteousness, I 'd choose right- 
eousness. " Theodore Roosevelt 

Class of 2001 


Pauline Tsai 

Changhua, Taiwan 
Groves ' 2 years 
House Prefect 

My two years at Shawnigan have taught me a lot about how to 
become a better person. Here, I've learned much about people 
which upset me sometimes but helped me to grow up; here, I've 
learned much about friendship which I know I'll treasure forever 
and ever; here, I've gained so much love that I don't know how to 
convey my appreciation well in words. Leaving in June, I prob- 
ably will cry, but I'll smile afterwards, for all the good memories, 
growth, and friends here, and for the bigger world I'm stepping 
into. Thanks to all my teachers: I love you all. Thanks to all my 
friends: being friends with you is what made my Shawnigan life 
special. I'll miss you a lot! Special thanks to my parents: Dad, 
Mom, I love you and thank you for your endless love. Sweet- I 
am out of high school A . A 

Brendan Tweedie 

Shawnigan Lake, BC 
Ripley 's, 5 years 
Captain of Ice Hockey 

It's been a great five years and I'd like to thank Mr. and Mrs. 
Samuel and all the Ripley's boys for making the Shawnigan expe- 
rience so enjoyable. Thanks to Ben for being a great roommate 
and Chris for being a great friend. I owe you guys so much for all 
the great memories. Most importantly, I'd like to thank my family, 
whose sacrifices and support make the greatest moments possi- 
ble and the worst ones endurable. 

'Don 't hate yourself in the morning... sleep till noon. " Anonymous 

Jennifer Vane 

Yellowknife, NT 

Kaye 's, 3 years 

Head of House 
School Prefect 

Bryan Walker 

Cobh, Ireland 

Duxbury & Lonsdale 's 
4 years 

House Prefect 

It's hard to imagine all that I'm leaving behind. Thanks to all my 
teachers and coaches who have helped me discover new pas- 
sions and secret talents. Mrs. Stapff, I couldn't have asked for 
better company on those Monday nights. To Kaye's, it's been an 
honour and a pleasure. For my close friends, with all our laughs 
and tears we've shared, you are what's made this place so great 
and I love you for it. Mrs. D, if you ever need a new scene, I'm 
sure McGill's dorms could use you. To my roommates, thank you 
for everything you've done and been for me these past two years. 
And finally to my parents - if you ever read this, thank you for 
your sacrifices, love, trust and constant support. I am forever 

"Jen, if you can't control your laughter I'm going to have to ask you to 
step outside " Mr. Hutchison 

My years at Shawnigan have shown me a path that I would not 
have taken if my parents hadn't given me the opportunity to 
come here. Thank you for this chance, Mom and Dad. But while I 
was here I was placed in front of many obstacles that I managed 
to push through with the help of Mr. Felix, my sort of Step-Father. 
He helped me reach my goals even when I didn't go to breakfast. 
I would also like to thank Dave Howson who I looked up to for 
showing me what a true friend is. Last but not least, I would like to 
thank Liz, who stuck with me through everything I got myself 
into. I hope that some day I can make everything up to you. As 
for the rest of you who I didn't talk about, thank you, too. Oh and 
Mom and Dad, don't worry, I can thank you better in person. 

"It s not what you can do for your Dj, it s what your Dj can do for you. " 

Dj High Life 

"I'm not average I'm normal S.H. 


Class of 2001 

Harvey Wallace 

Vancouver, BC 

Lake s, 4 years 

House Prefect 

The things Shawnigan does to a student amazes me. My friends 
have done a lot for me over these years here. Jesse, thanks for 
teaching me not to be such a wuss, Scott, thanks for all those late 
night philosophical conversations and Graham thanks for teach- 
ing me that cleanliness is a virtue. For all the other 12's in the 
House, thanks a lot, I had a lot of fun. Also, thanks to all my 
friends outside the House for the good times, Courtenay, you've 
been a great friend and Julie, I had a lot of good times and it was 
worth it. 

"Don't look back in anger, least not today" Noel Gallagher 

Nicole Wang 

Burnaby, BC 

Kaye s, 3 years 
House Prefect 

My past three years are filled with tears and joy. To all the people 
I met in my time here, you have taught me a lot. I'll never forget the 
time we spent together - it was a blast. To my parents, I wouldn't 
have survived Shawnigan without your love and support. To 
Mrs. D, thank you for everything you've done for me — you are 
the best. The time has come for me to move on to the next stage in 

"Forget the times of your distress, but never forget what they taught 
you. " Herbert Gasser 

"I'm not into working out. My philosophy: No pain, no pain. " 

Carol Leifer 

Evan Williams 

Shawnigan Lake, BC 
Ripley 's, 5 years 
House Sports Captain 

Ben Wills 

Shawnigan Lake, BC 

Lonsdale's & Duxbury 
5 years 

Senior House Prefect 
Captain of Cross-Country 

Well, this moment is finally here. At times I wasn't sure if I would 
ever come this far, but I can without a doubt say that I wouldn't 
have made it without you Dad. To Tom, Will and Mom thanks for 
seeing me through. Looking back, I can truly say that Shawnigan 
has done me well. It has given me some excellent experiences and 
most of all it has given me a crew of great friends. I gotta give a 
shout out to the Traveller's boys, remember the good times. To 
the Duxbury 12's, you my boys, don't forget it. And to the Grads, 
I wish you all the best in the future. 

"When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. 
But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute - and it's longer than any hour. 
That's relativity. " Albert Einstein 

"Mistakes have left me with less but made me much more " Anonymous 

Class of 2001 


Meghan Wilson 

Chetwynd, BC 
Kaye 's, 2 years 
Senior House Prefect 

Well, this is it! Mom, Dad: Thank you for everything. I appreciate 
all of your support. Sarah: enjoy your last two years; make them 
the best that you can. Camille and Erin: remember all of the "in- 
side" jokes. We'll keep in touch. Cara: I'll see you at home. Re- 
member all the good times, and have an awesome time at UNBC! 
Lara: we've survived the tough times, nothing but good things 
from now on. The past two years have been ones that I'll never 
forget: good times, or bad. The experiences I've had and the friend- 
ships I've made, have been incredible. Thanks to everyone who 
has helped me along the way. To everyone: Good luck, I hope the 
future treats you well. 

"First with the head, then with the heart. " 

Bryce Courtenay (The Power of One) 

Melvin Wong 

Hong Kong, China 
Lonsdale s, 5 years 
House Sports Captain 

Finally I get to write my Grade 12 write up ... I've been waiting for 
this day for 5 years. Well, Shawnigan is a good place to "Learn" 
and I've "Learned" a lot of things here. Although 5 years is a little 
bit too long for me, I've still enjoyed my "Life" here. I have to say 
thank you to all my friends, teachers, coaches and especially to 
my House Director, Mr. Hutchison and to Mr. & Mrs. Fraser. I 
wouldn't have survived at this school without all of your sup- 

"Useless fear, needless anxiety, and when all else fails ... take two Tylenol 

from the nurse " by someone ... 

J Mian Zurek 

Maple Bay, BC 

Groves ' 1 year 
House Prefect 

I'm looking back, through the gates into this tiny bubble, called 
Shawnigan. After only a year, I can call it my home away from 
home. I can say that Shawnigan's a part of me, because I was a 
part of it. To Allison, Cara, Elaine and Heather ... we'll keep on 
dancing, girlies! To Robert ... we have taken the road less traveled. 
To Ben ... thank you for looking out for me. To Mom, Dad and 
Jaymi ... thank you for putting up with me, being there and most 
of all believing in me. To my Shawnigan family and my Groves' 
House girls ... thank you for letting me share my talent with you. 
I ascended into a journey. I have reached my destination, but it 
has been the points in between that have meant the most. 

"Life is a Song, Love is the Music... Enjoy". 

Rob Davis 

Shawnigan Lake, BC 

Ripley s, 4 years 

I'd like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to come 
here, as well as Mr. Robertson and Mr. Samuel for all of the sec- 
ond chances and for believing in me. Thanks. Jess, I'm going to 
miss you; only one year left to go! ! 

"Being young was fun. Being old's gonna suck" Eric Murdoch 
"Hey Rob, can I borrow my khakis? " Ian Macdonald 


Class of 2001 

David Hows on 

West Vancouver, BC 

Lonsdale's & Duxbury 
5 years 

Head of School 
House Prefect 

Thank you to every member of Shawnigan Lake School. What 
you have taught me is invaluable. To Mr. Felix, for showing me 
true integrity and strength, and teaching me to stand by my mor- 
als. Good luck, Sir. Mr. Robertson and Mr. Linn, it was an honour 
working with you both. Jen, you were the best teammate I've ever 
had, not to mention friend, and Pix, you were always there, thank 
you! Die Grass's, Die Stroebels, J-P, dankie vir alles. Suse and 
Kate you're both incredible. Mom and Dad, no words can de- 
scribe my gratitude to you. You have given me the opportunity to 
do things I never thought possible, God bless you both. 

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and 
fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Nelson Mandela 

Ek kyk op na die berge, Waar sal my hulp vandaan kom, My hulp kom 
van die Here wat hemel en aarde gemaak het. Psalm 121:1 


Class of 2001! 


Jennifer McGavin 

Vancouver, BC 

Kaye s, 5 years 

Deputy Head of School 
House Prefect 

It is difficult to imagine life without the friends I have made here, 
who have shaped the person I am today. Mrs. D, where would I 
be had it not been for your guidance, support, patience and love. 
Megan, thank you for your laughter and all the good times. Dave, 
thank you for your friendship. Working with you this year was an 
honour I'll likely never forget. I am so proud of the person you 
have become. To my roommates, Tootie, Mikaela and my little 
Eskimo girl, Jen; I don't think I will ever come across three girls as 
talented, independent, caring and passionate about life. Never 
will I let go of the friendship you have shared with me. Finally, to 
Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me what has been a great five 

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made 
them feel" Carl W. Buechner 

Class of 2001 


The third term is perhaps the most important and the busiest of the year. For 
Shawnigan athletes, the term is very busy with several tournaments and regat- 
tas, such as BC Championships and the Shawnigan Regatta. Another big event 
in the third term is the Musical. This year "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor 
Dreamcoat, " was extremely successful. Grad and Closing Day are important 
to Grade 12 's, as they (together with Provincial exams!) represent the endpoint 
of Shawnigan lives and the starting point of life on their own in the real world. 
As the weather gets nicer, boys and girls heading down to the docks in their 
swimsuits or hanging out in the Main Gardens are a common sight. For the 
first time, the Yearbook staff were able to add a third term section to the year- 
book and still get the book back before we leave, so here we go ... 

— Mark Han 


French Immersion Japanese exchange 

In mid April a group of thirty students 
and four staff members set sail for the 
"principaute de l'ile de Thetis." Why? To 
challenge themselves to a three-day 
French immersion excursion. The excur- 
sion is an integral part of the Grade 1 1 
French curriculum and provides the stu- 
dents a superb opportunity to improve 
their French oral skills. Although the 
weekend is very structured, it really de- 
mands only one thing: that French be the 
principle language of communication! 
Despite the challenges this posed, the 
students made a strong effort to do their 
part. The obvious rewards will be theirs 
alone. — Mr. D. Hyde-Lay 

In early April, Shawnigan Lake School welcomed eight students 
from Azabu High School in Tokyo. As visitors to our school, 
the Azabu students participated in classes, Fine Arts and Sports 
and experience what it was like to attend a boarding school in 
Canada. The eight lucky students from Shawnigan had the op- 
portunity to travel to Japan to spend a week as guests of Azabu 
and get a taste of life in the big city of Tokyo. The students, 
along with Mr. Candelaria and Mrs. Hall, were hosted royally 
and returned home having made many new friendships across 
the Pacific. Highlights of the trip included sightseeing in To- 
kyo, the shrines and temples of Kamakura and Nikko, the end- 
less variety of fabulous food, the generosity of our wonderful 
hosts and the amazing array of electronic gadgetry. We look 
forward to continuing this relationship with Azabu and offering 
the chance to more students from both schools in the future. 

—Mrs. B. Hall 

Once in Japan, the exchange 
students gather for a picture 
before they set out to explore 
new places. 

The French Immersion group 
make a cheerful picture despite 
the rainy day. 

Bill and Jordan try out a pair of 
virtual reality glasses while 
Graeme waits for his turn. 


A Year Of 

Everyone loves singing in 

Mr. Detchon prepares for a 
sermon during Saturday 's Chapel. 

The Confirmation Class pictured with Mr. Detchon and the Bishop. 

This was a year of tremendous change in the Chapel. Due to the 
increased enrolment of the School space the Chapel had be- 
come limited. This past summer, thanks to the generosity of a 
donor, a major expansion was undertaken. This was no easy 
feat since there were five marriages during July and August. 
The last few touches were being put on when the students ar- 
rived in September. The architect and builder worked very 
closely together to preserve the integrity of the building and the 
results speak for themselves. It is virtually impossible to tell 
there has been an addition and now everyone is seated in com- 
fort in a building that serves as the centre of the spiritual life of 
the School. As well as regular weekly gatherings and chapel 
services a number of special services were held. In the fall 
term there were the Founder's Day, Remembrance Day and 
Christmas Carol Services. In the summer term we had Confir- 
mation/Baptism with the Bishop of British Columbia, The Rt. 
Rev. J. Barry Jenks. We were honoured to have The Bishop of 
Montreal, The Rt. Rev. Andrew Hutchison to lead us in worship 
and the term ended with the Graduation Service. It has been a 
busy year for the Chapel! — R ev , E. Detchon 






" They earned 

victories and 

were excellent 


for the 

school. " 

The tennis season began in early April with an invitational 
tournament in Vancouver which was eventually rained out. 
Our hosts Crofton House / St. Georges treated us superbly 
by offering us exhibition matches in indoor facilities. Upon 
our return, Brentwood beat us handily in our first league 
match but we bounced back to defeat Francis Kelsey 
quite easily. At the end of April, the boys' squad travelled 
to the annual Nanaimo tournament where we enjoyed the 
generous Purtzki family hospitality. Matt Kunzweiler, 
Sheridan Candelaria and Marcus Purtzki earned victories 
and were excellent ambassadors for the school. In early 
May, the girls participated in a high-powered, effective 
clinic. Our latest victory came at the ISA championships, 
where we earned the final berth at the Provincials. Good 
luck to every-one and many thanks to Mr. Ken Morrow. 

— Mr. S. Candelaria 

Erin concentrates on the direc- 
tion of the coming ball. 

Marcus, the co-captain, gets 
ready to serve. 

Elaine (co-captain), nails a 
good shot. 

Sheridan uses his strong right 
hand to smash a back-hand 
stroke towards his opponents. 

Back row: Mr. K. Morrow, S. Candelaria, N. Jamshidi, M. Kunzweiler, 
E. Bosenberg, S. Buchanan, J-Y. Kwon, A. Kreidie, Mr. S. Candelaria 
Front row: Y. Minoda, D. Ngai, J. Poupard, E. Springgay, M. Purtzki, 
C. Woo, C. Shieh, H. Wong. 


Sara practises her strongly- 
gripped back-hand stroke. 

J.D. demonstrates the correct 
back-hand stroke, as well as the 
bending of the knees. 

Back row: Mr. K. Morrow, Mr. D. Austin, J. Excel I, S-B. Woo, 
D. Denk, J. D. Roth, G. Johnston, J. Park, K. Wang, T. Laosonthorn, 
K. Kittiampon, Mrs.L. Grass Seated: C. Lilley, H. Davies, N. Hill, 
J. McCallum, B. Decorby, B. Yoon, M. Liron, F. Chong. 

Back row: M. Constantin, J. Feist, L. Young, W. Yap Middle row: Mr. 
K. Morrow, L. Cheung, Y. Chiang, M. Raven, J. Tung, M. Hollingbury, 
J. Tsai, Mr. D. Tang Seated: D. Chen, T C hay tors, T. Neff, J. Midgett, 
S. Jacobsen, A. Chang, J. Boser, F. Mull in. 

Tennis has once again proved to be a popular option for 
many juniors, as evidenced by the large contingent of en- 
thusiastic players. There is a substantial amount of poten- 
tial talent in Grades 8 and 9, which should ensure the con- 
tinued success of the program at this level. Both the girls 
and boys recently played exhibition matches against 
Brentwood — the teams were fairly evenly matched, re- 
sulting in good competition for all involved. The I.S.A. 
Tournament, which took place on the 1 2th of May, re- 
sulted in a first place finish, with some fine individual per- 
formances. Thanks should also go to several students who 
did an excellent job of organizing and score-keeping. Best 
wishes go to all the Grade 1 0's who will be moving up to 
play for the Seniors next season. — Mrs. L. Grass 

" There is a 


amount of 

potential ... 

which should 

ensure the 


success of the 



Shawnigan's golf program consists of 30 students 
who are eager to take up this wonderful game. All 30 
students attend Cowichan golf course three times a 
week and on Saturdays,we go on a "little" 5k run 
tothe Jaeger House restaurant. Shawnigan also has a 
golf team, and on this there are 6 of the top 30 play- 
ers. This year the team consisted of Jeff Morton, Sean 
Scott, Sterling Hein, Jordan Dewjordan Lee and 
Mark Stephenson. Three out of the 5 are juniors, and 
to go out and play to the level of the seniors, I have 
to say we've put in a great effort. Next year I think 
we will be dominating other schools. Mr. Connelly, 
and Mr Fraser, were our coaches. I would realy like 
to thank them for all the hard work and effort they 
put into the golf program. I hope the rest of the sea- 
son is as successful as the start has been. 

— Sean Scott 

Back Row: Mr.. J. Connolly, J. Morton, S. Hein, E.Williams, 
M. Stephenson, S. McCrady, P. Hunter, J. Housser, M. Evans, 
A. Bernard, Mr. L. Fraser Seated: A. Jaballa, D. Allison, A. Chang, 
J. Dew, J. Lee, M. Evans, S. Scott, S. Simmons. 

Team players: S. Hein, J. Dew, M. Stephson, J. Morton, S. Scott. 

Scott, Jordan, Jordan, and 
Matt, wait to tee off at the sixth 

Mark lines up a bomb on the 
third tee. 


Back Row: G. Funk, I.Lin, E. Ross, J. Stewart, K. Gustavson, H. Richer, 
D. Erickson, Z. Plavsic, N. Kenyon, A Mitchell Second Row: Mr. Deane, 
J. Roaf, B. Caron, E. O'Dwyer, E. Shiozaki, N. Bunting, A. Chambers, Mr. 
Sarsfield Front Row: K. Philippson, D. Wilson, P. Evans, K. Brewer, T. Lunn, 
J. Bowen, E. Allan, V. Champ 

Mr. Sarsfield oversees Erica 
and James. 

The sailing dock has had a full compliment of sailors at 
both ends of the season. Approximately thirty sailors are 
in the Spring Programme. Many of these are new to the 
sport, but, as of this writing, they have become very com- 
petent in the boats. For a variety of reasons, sailing this 
year was largely recreational. We weren't able to field a 
full team of racing sailors, nor was the racing schedule 
particlarly adaptable to our internal school schedule: none- 
theless, Mr. Dean and I were quite pleased with the en- 
thusiasm and development of our sailors! Given the ex- 
cellent weather we have enjoyed, there is no nicer way to 
spend an afternoon than out on the lake in a good wind 
and under sunny blue skies. 

— Mr. J. Sarsfield 

this year 


Harris catches a stiff breeze. 

Nathalie and Greg prepare to 
set sail. 



has had a 

chance to 


More than thirty boys turned out for the team this 
year and we were lucky enough to form two leagues, 
so that everybody got to play. Great improvements 
were made in individual skills, but the shortness of 
the season left little time to greatly improve team play. 
Most of the players are in Grades 8 and 9, so the 
future of the program looks bright. Anton Lecky was 
captain of the squad, and he has done a great job at 
practices and in games. All players are looking for- 
ward to the upcoming tournaments that will end the 

— Mr. D. Williams 

Back Row: Mr. D. Williams, I. de la Mare, S. Rees, J. Chan, 

N. Swetlikoff, A. Lin, A. Burke, Mr. T. Dheensaw Front Row: J. Lim, 

C. Combs, T. Mclaughlin, J. Germann, P. Mitchell, R. Chae, 

S. De Witt. 


.mm * 



1 * 

b*i * 

*~H>] \ 


^JwJv JI yj ■ & 


SI 1 

i fr X ^ A ^m 





Wliil, 1 .' :_-,^ !._../, 1- 


flacA; /tow: W Wheaton, E. Sun, R. Carruthers, G. Cillers, J. White, 
H. Nakagawa Front Row: P. Marsden, D. Ram, N. Yoon, A. Lecky, 
I. Chin, J. Chu, B. Boshears, G. Moore. 

Will sets up for perfect shot on goal. 
Eric, Patrick and David race for the ball. 


Back Row: D. Malan, R. Link, D. La Couvee, K. Storer, M. Bhatti, S. Catte, 
O. Burke, J. Luckhurst, S. Laudisio, Mr. P Yates Middle Row: B. Giovando, 
W. Mclnnis, S. Pride, K Geach, R. Lai, D. Schellenberg, M. Gunter, T. Ladner, 
Mr. C. VanStraubenzee Seated: C. Althouse, L. Mcdonald, F. Dalrymple, 
C. Mejia, C. Cassin, Ms. W. Woollven. 

Dominique and Mike can't wait 
to start their meal. 

Whitney's on cooking today 

Pixie and Laura enjoy the sun 
at the beach. 

As this write-up goes to press, we are off to a great 
start. Everyone is so enthusiastic about the opportu- 
nities to learn some skills and to share in some great 
outdoor adventures. There is just so much to see, 
and it's all right at our doorstep (our mammal lists 
from the introductory trip alone included harbour 
seals, porpoises, river otters, voles, mink and racoon). 
The Spring Outdoors program has had the pleasure 
of welcoming an old/new face to the instructional 
staff. Charlie Van Straubenzee's considerable and 
diverse experience, his infectious enthusiasm, and 
his wonderful story-telling talents have benefited us 

— Mr. P. Yates & Ms. W. Woollven 

"There is 
just so 
much to 





for your 


Be rough 



The Iron Women of Shawnigan Lake had an amaz- 
ing season. With Iritana Houston as captain and the 
valiant efforts of Mr. Felix as head coach and Mr. 
Hall and Mr. Cumming, the girls had fun learning. 
The Seniors travelled to Ridley College to compete 
in the ISA Nationals, where we came second over- 
all. We represented B.C. well, being known as the 
laid-back West Coasters playing high-class rugby. 
Our Juniors had their own team under Mr. Cumming 
as coach and the Grade 12's as mentors. We were 
introduced to basic skills and values of the game. 
We came together and worked hard to make it 
through the Islands and the Provincials which were 
both held on our own fields this year. 

(continued on next page.) 

The women make a tunnel for 
the Cowichan girls after their 
victorious Island Champion- 
ship game. 

The girls watch the field 
carefully in case the ball comes 
their way. 

Alanna gets boosted as Lisa 
watches her throw. 


r '^t «f $ JE jL % * « 



ti&S&ifam i f 


rrrr rr6*Jtfj f , ffS ^t 

L . •* * a, i St 

v . _, II t *• '*• ■ " — 1 

til. _J .. ' - ' • '• rr i *■ '■ ' ■& 


Top row: K. Ashmore, G. Reuben, S. Chu, M. Symington, M. Gariepy, 
K. Legun, A. Duthie, J. Miner, S. Wu, A. MacMillan, Mr. J. Cumming 
Second row: A. Stuart, M. McAvity, T. Barr, C Harrison, E. Laudisio, 
M. Charleson, K. Hagedorn, K. LeHuquet. 


Wow! Mr. Felix really does 

Anna takes a break from the 
tough practice 

Toprow:Mr. M. Felix, A. Karmali, K. Heaton, E. Laudisio, C.Harrison, K. Legun, 
A. Stuart, Mr. J. Cumming Second row: C. Bamsley, A. MacMillan, T. Ban; 
M. McAvity, C. Brown, M. Charleson, J. Ellis, K. Hagedom, Mr. M. Hall Third row: 
L link, S. Brown, M. Reuben, 1. Houston (capt.), M. Charleson, A. Quock L Tsai, 
A. Sutton. 

(con 'tfrom last page) 

We learned so much and we owe it all to our coaches 
and to the support we gave to each other. The gradu- 
ating girls led and learned at the same time and we'll 
miss them next year. We learned the value of re- 
spect for our teammates, the referee, for the oppos- 
ing team and for the ball. If we had no respect for 
these four things, then we couldn't and wouldn't play 
the game. Mr. Felix made sure of that. The Juniors 
might say "Don't stop, never give up..." but we don't 
know the rest of the song. We look forward to an- 
other year. Good Luck to Mr. Cumming, the gradu- 
ating players and to Mr.Felix. Thanks guys.'SLS 

— Iritana Houston, Adrienne Macmillan 

can 't mo- 
selves, I 
can't do it 
for you." 


"To you 
from fail- 
hands we 
throw the 
torch; be 
yours to 
hold it 

Picture yourself in a locker room with 15 guys sitting around you, 
chests heaving, blood coursing through your veins and one thought 
in common "you are going out on the field to win." A few memories 
I have from being at this school are coming in third, two years in a 
row, at the B.C. sevens and beating Brentwood in front of our school. 
It is an experience that needs to be felt rather than described. Hear- 
ing the roar of your peers, and knowing that you represent the best 
the school has to offer, lends you strength as you step onto the field. 
The feeling the 1st XV have every game of placing that 100% cotton 
black and gold jersey, leaves us feeling proud of being selected to 
represent Shawnigan Lake School. The 1st XV would like to thank 
Mr. Patel and Mr. Samuel for putting in a huge effort and the school 
for supporting us every step of the way. I would like to thank every 
1st XV player for making my last year at Shawnigan unforgettable. 
To the Grade 1 2's who have played on the 1 st XV, you have been 
there when we needed you the most and have kept the spirit of the 
team high. Strength and Honour to you all. 

—Earl Pheasey 

Cody quickly grabs the ball 
away from the other team in 
the line-out. 

The school forms a tunnel for 
both teams. 



I.* V v.* 

'wfl Sv^^a 


- * 


1 v ** 


|L _ 

^K* .^ 

I vM bH a «*. 



X \i 



Back Row: Mr. R. Samuel, 

C. Alywin, R. Down, N. Mills, 
J. Park, C. Berg, D. Howson, 
M. Smith, T Groot, R. Seok, Mr. 
B. Patel Second Row: D. Poling, 
J-P. Du Plessis, J. Carson, 

J. Mcallum, P. Rokeby -Thomas, 
B. Wills, T. Cape, J. Lopez Front 
Row: D. Thompson, P. Allard, 

D. Evans, S. Zwickel. 


Jesse takes the opponent down, 
while the others get ready to 

Robert in contact. 

// /oofo life Carson enjoys his 
first lift as the team practices for 
the B. C. Sevens. 

f»- 1 


^r^ , -i j r "^H 





Some photography pro- 
vided by Jim Chang 


What a shame it has to be such a short season! ! All the 
boys who played for the 2nd XV this season have shown 
us, the coaches, what playing school boy rugby is all about. 
They have shown tremendous heart and passion for the 
game all year, and the skill level was maintained through- 
out. It is fitting that a few of the boys made the step up to 
the 1 st XV at various times. Quite often we would have to 
play against 1 st XV's from other schools who did not have 
a 2nd team. So it was nice that the two actual 2nd XV 
games we played both ended in hard fought wins, against 
Vanier and our last game of the season against Brentwood. 
Well done to all the boys who played, thanks to Ben Wills 
for his captaincy efforts. All looks well for next year. 

— Mr. R. Ash & Mr. G Linn 

Jason rests after a play. 

Shayne on a big run. 

Shawnigan prepares for the 

Back Row: Mr. R. Ash, D. Chong, S. Cain, N. Amies, E. Lecky, 
C. McLean, G. Laudisio, A. Buchanan, D. Howson Front Row 
F. Harris, J. Ayotte, R. Seok, B. Wills, S. Zwickel, R. Bae, 
R. Fraser. 


bi V/ V 

Back Row: Mrs. A. Stapff, J. Scheske, D. Hansford, B. Bow ell, B. Sampson, R. Caron, K. Petersen, Mrs. J. Piatt, Hank Middle Row: 
M. Batumalai, D. Gottlieb, J. Rolston, M. Phillips, J. Tinker, L. Gordon, S. Niemi, C. Yole, D. Olmochenko, J. McGavin, R. Rich, 
S. Thiesson, Ms. J. Boyce, Ms. K. Freeman, C. Hamilton Front Row: M. Duncan, D. Dakin, I. Cooper, P. Guelpa, P. Reinhart, 
B. Walker, J. McNair, S. Mackenzie, G. Birkheck, A. Pocock, H. Rycraft. 

Back Row: S. Reid, M. Wyatt, J. Brown, P. Joslyn, B. Nadeau, D. Cape, J. Tinker, H. Dietrich, G. Couser, B. Felix, L. Fox, W. Brown 
Middle Row: K. Hutchison, C Bates, F Schellenberg, J. Horn, S. Van Stein, J. Thome, D. Campbell, J. Shaw-Stewart, J. Pennington, 
A. Camargo, D. Yole, M. Bolton, M. Bruce, K. Shelley, A. Gardiner Front Row: S. Moser, B. Bergen, L. McLagan, P. Sutcliffe, F. Klassen, 
S. Brenton, J. Roaf, A. Kazemi, T. Drye. 



are mak- 
ing a 



Shawnigan crews are making a splash! We began the 
season in early April with the "overall winner" title at 
the Maple Bay Regatta: an excellent way to start things 
off. Two weeks later at the Brentwood Regatta our 
crews yet again distinguished themselves by finishing 
on top of the sculling competition and in fourth place 
overall. The season continued with our own Shawnigan 
Regatta. This was a very successful regatta for 
Shawnigan rowers, especially the boys, who finished 
first in their category. Overall, Shawnigan placed an 
excellent third. Many crews went on to compete suc- 
cessfully in the nationals in St Catherines. This has 
been a tremendous year for the program. Congratula- 
tions to all athletes and coaches for your commitment 
to the pursuit of excellence. 

— Mrs. A. Stapff 

Ian uses his shoulder to hold the 

Griff is hidden in the shadows. 

Megan and Fiona stroke towards 
the finish line. 

Photos by: Mr. W. Hatch 


Warren lends a hand with load- Megan looks relaxed after a long 
Jesse, Warren, Justin and Liam row hard with the help of Jeremy. ing. day of rowing. 

'ikrZ.«l&i£2x £? ^t il , T ' ■■ ' ■»-• ' « *~ '■ " 

-a Sag 1 ■a** 

Megan, Jen, Sarah and Heather are putting all their effort into every Francis, Howard, Stephan, Taylor and Duncan tire every stroke as 
stroke. they get closer to the finish line. 


Grad ... A Time to Celebrate 

Calin Soutzo, Kara Hay, Heather 
Campbell, Stephanie Brown 

Cara Barnsley, Allison Palubiski, 
Heather Rycraft 

Ben Sampson, Jillian Zurek 

Naheed Janmohamed 

Sung Ho So 

Rebecca Brade 

Chris Mcleod 

Liz Gordon 


Hailey Shiels 

Graham Shore, Jen Vane 

Meghan Wilson, Camille Shieh 

Mackenzie Duncan, Paul Guelpa Andrew Buchanan, Ken Chong 

James Tinker, Jenny Rolston 

Ted Huang 

Erin Bosenberg 

Melvin Wong 

Sara Thiesson 




1 r i 



1 1C 


l Ml 


1 W \ Iflk J l 

v It <T . A 

, » 

>1 *t'^ 

A V 




.«U- f|< 


Hey, I'm not a preppie or a snob 

I don't live in a mansion, eat 7 course meals 

or drive my own car 

I have a headmaster not a principal 
I speak English, French, Spanish and ESL 
and I pronounce it "a hook" not "a huke" 

I can proudly sing the school hymn in chapel 

I believe in Wilburforce before suspension 

prep, not homework 

and that the stag is a truly proud and noble animal 

Shawnigan is the largest boarding school in Canada 

the 1 st school of rugby 

and the best boarding school in North America 

Our names are Jenny and Paul and we are from Shawnigan